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Looking for Speed Loader for Shotgun Magazines

It is really a painful experience to load my shotgun magazines. I am Looking for Speed Loader for Shotgun Magazines for my Standard Manufacturing shotgun, Rock Island Bullpup, or my Vepr. Any thoughts??? Is anyone planing to make something for this problem? Thx all.



I feel your pain. I’ve learned that technique is everything. Whrn you figure 8t, the process gets downgraded from near impossible to flip’n annoying.

I’ve never seen a loader and I can’t imagine how one will match the technique that gets the rim past the brass on the last loaded case.


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@rdahl55 Welcome to the .MCarbo Brotherhood and pray that you overcome your loading challenges.


The second technique shows what works for my Saiga mags. Getting the rim past the brass is facilitated by pressing down on the hull side of the shell you are inserting after the rim is captured by the mag. It seems difficult to explain but it is actually smooth in practice and it makes all the difference getting’m loaded.