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Looking for a new EDC bag

So I’ve been using a “tactical” sling bag (one of the 20 facebook specials) as my EDC bag. I use it to carry my trauma kit, misc items, extra knife, as well as my lunch and pistol when I’m at work. I like the function of it but want something a little bigger and better quality that won’t break the bank.

Only requirements are it must be a sling bag and have some molle attachment point for my trauma kit.
Does anybody have any recommendations?


That’s something I have dueled with my whole life.
I have never actually used a "sling "bag per-sea , but I have easily had 25 backpack variations, trying to find the perfect combination for an all inclusive unit. And like you said. Not break the bank.
Every size/pocket/pouch design you could imagine. The quality range from the 4.00 wally spl, nice REI day packs, Marine assault pack, Full size internal frame and external frame Marine Packs, with the radio bags, molle mag pouches, large side pouches, in every config under the sun.

Oddly enough, if you have ever seen a Marlboro Gear large red backpack, it’s size and design is one of my favorites, I will dig out some of mine for pics

For me, multiple pouches, with “good zippers, straps and buckles”. A must!!
Good mounting options.
Good padded shoulder/waist belts with wide range of adjustment.


I used a red rock rover sling bag for my edc for about 2years. I still use it but not all the time since I bought a 5.11 covert 18 backpack about 6 months ago and love it it’s a lot more gray man with some hidden molle and hidden pocket with Velcro for my extra gun and mags plus I put a soft armor panel in where the water bladder goes and I can carry a little more and for the most part I wear it as a sling bag anyway


I have a DeWalt backpack for my EDC. Had it for over 6 years. Holds many things…not too big. People never wonder whats in it.

However check out 3VGear…Lifetime warranty.


I also use a vest sometimes as an alternative/companion to a pack.
I have a vest similar to a fishing/photographers vest I like. It’s technically a river guides vest, but non- buoyant.


That’s the same bag as I carry now. It’s a little small and the zippers stick pretty easily


This is mine I love it, if you don’t mind a backpack style bag. That one is setup for my Most used tools at work has molle panel on both sides and the front


@aadavis94 Really looking forward to hearing and seeing which EDC you decide to get.

I might try a single sling bag myself…from 3VGear.

Edit I just ordered the OUTLAW II in BLACK.
Total with discount and shipping is $44.06.
Looking forward to more comfort…I never did like the two shoulder strap limitation.

Veni Vidi Vici . ​a Latin phrase meaning ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. It was first said by Julius Caesar after winning a battle in Asia Minor (now Turkey).

Time to grow up…just a little bit…:grinning::boom:


That’s the extact one I’m ordering this Friday. Along with the holster for the inside and an extra pouch


Mine is en route already. I’ll see if I need any of the extras after I get it.
I already have an extra soft pistol holster and extra external pouch.
Good people to work with, great price, great warranty…looking forward to the upgrade…:grinning:

Here’s a good review:


I’ve been shopping and researching packs that are not tactical on the outside and all go on the inside! If you know what I mean!


@69Goat Find anything to share? What do you want to store?

I have two Copper Basin Takedown bags…one for my PCC9 and one for my 10/22 Takedown…they are specifically made for takedown rifles.
All of the bags I use have removable badges… so the outside is discreet. I take badges off if I’m traveling with them.


A pistol for sure and maybe like my sub 2k! Probably wouldn’t pack a rifle but would like to have the option! I’m looking at a couple but they are both around $200! I will post what they are here soon!


@69Goat Here’s the Copper Basin Takedown bag.

It does have two shoulder straps. Well worth ~$100 IMHO.

Not sure if it will work for you?



I currently EDC a Maxpedition Fat Boy. I have a brand new Maxpedition Sitka bag for sale (I think the color is called desert tan) still has the tags with it. It is in “AS NEW” condition. I had put some stuff in it but NEVER carried it. It was a little large for me. It was something like $130.00. The first $50.00 + shipping takes it. cliff70chevy@gmail.com


This reminds me…my Outlaw II is in the car…better see what’s in the package…:eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

The DeWalt Tool backpack is about 6 years old. The material is THICK.
Those three lower quick access Velcro small pouches on the DeWalt were handy for two different sets of car keys on the sides and a bandana in the center pouch. Gonna miss that.
The upper center quick access adjustable buckle large pouch was great for wallet and other stash items. Gonna miss that too.

It sure was easy to organize items in the DeWalt! Forgot to take a picture before I emptied it.:rofl:

This is going to take some time to get organized! Will it ever take the place of the DeWalt? Or do I need a larger backpack and go back to two shoulder straps???:rofl::joy: Nahhhh!

The DeWalt stores most everything in a vertical plane.

The 3VGear has lots of storage that fits both vertical and horizontal…something to adjust to for the type of gear one is storing and transporting.

Total cost with shipping: $44.06
I know…the red bag has got to go for a black one! Just testing.


I figured it out in my sleep last night… The DeWalt Backpack is going to be my First/Aid Trauma go-to-pack when I’m off me property…it’s got plenty of room and will take me all week to get it loaded up properly! :sunglasses:

Quick easy access on the outside pockets with only one zipper to get to the inside! KISS :v::grin:

Now back to the Outlaw II…guess I’ll sleep on it…:face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow::money_mouth_face:


I’m awake now…decided to call 3VGEAR and get these three MOLLE accessories for my Outlaw II: (not the pistol holster)

Padded Camera Insert
Tech Pouch
Utility Pouch
$33.85 with ship. I could have saved 15% if I ordered it in the beginning with the OutlawII

Total investment so far for Outlaw II and 3 MOLLE pouches including shipping: $77.91


My assault pack is nearly the same as the one @Flogrown uses.
I have also used fanny packs as detachable single bag med/trauma kits, buckled to my main bag. They could be removed for easier emergency use or for single carry with their own belt. These aren’t attached in the pics.