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Looking For A G17 Version

What can I expect to pay or what is a good price on one? Thanks


@Success, I paid $500 for mine, tax and all. Mine is the NiB (nickel boron) coated one. Saw a couple in the gun show in Houston today for $379.00 + tax but they were not NiB coated. When i bought mine they were pretty scarce. Bet i saw 10 today at the gun show, both 9mm and .40 caliber.


I paid 399 for mine on Black Friday. G17 FDE.

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Only $349 at that site! I got mine from them a couple months ago.


How much was shipping and FFL fee once it was ready for you to pick up at your local FFL? Total with tax, shipping, and FFL fee?

S&H was $14.95, no tax for me because was out of state, then my local FFL transfer fee was $25.

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I could have bought one in black for $340.00 plus the BGC which is $10.00 in Oregon.


I should have waited, probably paid more that i should have. When i bought mine they couldnt be found anywhere, now i see them everywhere. Went looking for the new Kel-Tec KS7 today. Nobody had them. Everyone said they were on order but they hadn’t seen any yet and to check back in a couple weeks.

@Success, You can always wait until the M series come out. Kel-tec in collaboration with MCARBO has a first release of 1000 coming out this year. It will already have all the MCARBO upgrades installed. Unless you enjoy upgrading firearms on your own it may be worth the wait.





Getting the Request for Quote for the New M-SERIES from KEL-TEC Today!

Initially we submitted an RFQ for the following. I have a gut feeling that we need to revise these quantities. Give me your input!

RFQ 1,000 M-SERIES Composition:

  • 500 - 9mm, Black, Glock 17, Curved Trigger, Peep Sight
  • 125 - 9mm, Black, Glock 17, Curved Trigger, Notch Sight
  • 125 - 9mm, Black, Glock 17, Flat Trigger, Peep Sight
  • 125 - 9mm, Black, Multi-Mag, Curved Trigger, Notch Sight
  • 125 - 9mm, Black, Multi-Mag, Flat Trigger, Notch Sight

$350ish online. I wouldn’t pay anything over $400 at all for any model currently available.


When will these be ready?

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I have had pretty good luck finding guns and stuff cheap with this site: https://www.wikiarms.com/

Hope it helps


Oh yes-just found this too


for $369.99 with $9.99 S/H on all guns

if there’s any left by the end of the month, I might have to jump on this!

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I got mine a few months back online at Kentucky Gun Company. It was $349 plus free shipping. It is the 19 version, but I think the prices were the same. Last I looked, they were still that price.

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@SnuffySmiff I wouldn’t worry about cdnn running out. They’ve had that sale going for the better part of a year. :+1:t2:


I paid $425 for my first one, $369 for my second, and have a deposit on two more for $340! :grin:


@Texprep and @ChrisNelson are you talking about the G19/23 or an actual honest to god G17 with the full length pistol grip?

If that is what you mean then you need a whole bunch! Biggest complaint I hear is the short grip on the G19/23 (I myself will only run 33 round mags).

More flat triggers! :grin:

How about some NO sights? :hushed:

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@Johnksg, According to what chris has put out, it is a Glock 17.


@Texprep I am all out of likes of course but that would be great! Not sure there are that many folks who want to run the compact mags through a carbine anyways?

Now a NO sight version? :grin::+1: