Longevity Of Polymer Parts


Hi Brothers,

I have done a couple of the M Carbo upgrades to my Sub 2000. (bolt tube cover and charging handle cover) Before I move ahead on the aluminum trigger, trigger guard and the steel feed ramp, how robust are the OEM polymer parts? I am very happy with the way the gun is functioning now and I am hesitant to mess around with it too much. Thanks.


I have had no problems with any of the polymer parts on mine. My S2K is in my GHB and is tossed into the back of my truck daily. It goes everywhere with me. Can I recommend the complete trigger kit as SS feed ramp to you. The difference in the trigger is remarkable.


Thanks Mike. Did Kel Tec do the install of your parts? How long did it take to get your Sub back?

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No, I installed them. With the help of the step by step video Chris has on the MCARBO site, it went smoothly. I have heard that Kel-Tec will do them for $40.00 and turn around time is about 2 weeks.
If you do it yourself, watch the complete video first. Then as you do the work watch and pause the video as you advance step by step.


I am doing a full MCARBO upgrade on my buddy’s SUB2000 next Friday. I can hardly wait!!!