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Long Term Weapon Storage

For various reasons I own more firearms than I can feasibly store in my modest surbaban home anymore. I have 3 large gunsafes, just ordered a 4th, I have put on loan many weapons with a museum, and of course shared weapons with family members.

So my question is this: what ideas and proceedures have any of the brotherhood’s used for long term weapons storage? (I am about ready to start dipping guns in cosmolene and start crating them up!)

Thank you.


Oh, I should mention that selling is off the table, at least for the time being…


@Johnksg … I love you but I love your dilemna and hope your suffering continues into eternity.

This is an awesome, first world, problem to have. Hold onto it and be thankful already.

If you ever ask for help again, my advice is to be very careful what you ask for. My math says 24 out of 25 presidential candidates have a solution and will solve this problem enthusiastically - least they’d try.


@Johnksg, good to see you back on the forum!! Missed the crayon eating memes. :wink: Have to pick up on @Dred s line of thinking. In today’s super charged political climate is it storage you need or a place to hide?? That will determine what procedures and tools you need.

Any way, good to see the Leather Neck back. Can’t believe I said that; Dang I are getting old. :crazy_face:


So lets go with that @Dred @russ …how do you guys put weapons in long term storage? How would you preserve them? I was joking about the cosomolene…we all know what it does to wood stocks.


silicone vacuum bags inside either a alloy case (also vacuum sealed) holds 2 or more (but expensive )OR make your own tubes out of heavy wall pvc and caps, and add a houge valve to vacuum seal Did that with a “Stash” in PVC. buried for 5 years before I pulled it to check it. down side is you can only use it once, way i do it cause i glue the caps before evacuating air. Had a couple of knives and a old H&R 30/30 and ammo. lubed it all down sealed it in bags, then sealed in tube. Not a speck of rust anywhere.
Just make damn sure you mark correct concordances on your map… and check em from time to time, to make sure no ones built a house or cabin or road over it…:+1:


you could ask the IRA in ireland they stored weapons for years and when they put them beond use under the good friday agreement they were still in perfect condition :rofl::rofl: @Johnksg


Lol. @hunter1916 @GOBLIN All of you guys take a simple question put on your tin hats, and now I am looking for black helicopters! :rofl:

Currently I have excess long guns stored in gun socks liberally soaked in rem-oil. I also liberally soak the internals and throw in a few desiccant bags. However, I am seeing some signs of corrosion and bolt faces “freezing” to the receiver.:slightly_frowning_face:

I have a place in mind to store weapons, but it is in a shipping container, on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. :thinking:


Maybe I should edit this…how do you guys preserve those gunsafe queens that can go years without any attention?


never in a shipping container. unless you insulate the inside and add a dehuminifier.
too much condensation from metal walls. takes a lot of work to make it stay “dry” here if you did that you would have rust balls.


Yeah it will take some work but is what I was offered and has an onsite security guard and a few really mean dogs! :+1:


@Johnksg a metal contain is always a bad idea unless it is in a continuess heated area you will always get condensation where tempetures change


@hunter1916 got that right kieran, thats why they changed, well one of the reasons anyway, from metal to plastic fuel tanks on cars, cause if you left one setting a couple of years, just the condensation alone would pool on the inside the tank and collect at the lowest point, and rot the tank out. the less fuel in the tank the more metal to condensate, the quicker the tank would rot. if ya use metal its gotta be lined. I took a fat 50 ammo can, sealed the inside with flex seal, and put some raw 5160 and 1098 scraps in it, been about 2.5 years buried now, so i will dig it up in november and. see what rusted… MT rocket storage tubes make good LT gun vaults as well…


@hunter1916 and @GOBLIN

I know its a bad Idea and I live on the coast as well. It is simply what is available and a consideration. Also curious how you guys put weapons in deep storage?

Last year the wife and I were planning on building our own gun vault. But turns out that zoning will not allow it. (Plus while I loved the idea of a walk in vault I am not sure its such a great ideas these dsys.)


Build a panic room. just after final inspection by code, and i dont know, 1,2, maybe 1000 gunracks. i would use the along the wall trough at the butt style.
long term? food and ammo/essentials ever 10 miles to my final destination. first one is within 900 meters of the house if i have to grab my INCH bag and go in a hurry. I know thats close, but its in a blackwater swamp, I doubt seriously anyones followin me in, day or night, even with NV. I know where the high spots are wadeing thru. and where mama gator likes to lay her eggs, so i steer clear of that spot.
she gets a lil cranky if ya dont…



Thank you Buck…swamp you say? Gators you say? Suddenly so many things about you become clear! :grin::+1:

See I am thinking more along the lines of a fair to middling sized collection. Not so much an end of days sorta thing.

I will not use a gun vault service. When Jack Hooker died there must have been close to a hundred weapons we could not determine ownership…it was a mess!

Storage locker is out. Besides the legalities of the issue it is just a poor idea.

I want a place that is secure, close at hand, that I can modify to suit my needs, and can go without power. Its not a bunker. :thinking:

So that said what is your guys opinions on types of storage containers? I like to build out of wood but could go with another material. Gun socks versus those specialty plastic bags? What kind of preservative?


To get around zoning why not build an extra strong bathroom or larder and then turn it into a walk in safe :yum::smirk::innocent: @john


@hunter1916 it is more of a drainage and slope issue. My home is cut into the side of a hillside, and ancient sandune actually.


Build a bomb shelter. Who’s to say what you put or store in it.


not sure, but i know that a lot of weapon storage places, like the museum at Parris Island, keep there storage at a constant 70 degrees, with a humidity of no more than 50 to 55%
If your set on a container, you will have to coat the inside, and install a suitable dehumidifier and ventilation system,
as far as gun-safes, I do golden rods and desiccant in everything including the ammo and reloading lockers. power goes out here from time to time, so when the rods arnt powered up, the desiccant takes over. humidity here is a constant battle. you must have a backup for your primary system at all times so to speak.
the pacific northwest, I would build a cover, roof, 4 walls on a slab, around the container,insulate between the floor and the container(concrete does condensate,even with a vapor barrier, so a good coat of thoraseal on top should do it) and the walls of the container, install your ventilation on top of the container, squirrel cage to move air, dehumidifier to dry air thus keeping heat out of box add a gaspack and chiller to control temp.(1 ton) now delving back to the tinfoil side, add your door in the cover shed, leave enough distance to open the installed vault door in the container. (keeps the rust off the vault door as well. I would give myself a 10’gap between the front of the container and the front of the structure. that way you could install a generator for those days that power is down due to storms, would auto start when power drops, keeping your collection dry.
slab should be 6"thick with 33"deep by 12" wide footers.High strength concrete(5800psi). thats what they made me pour when i built my shop, due to the fact we hit pure sand in one corner when digging the foundation. and ive got multiple ton machines in the building.
in a 24"X24’slab i have as much HS5800 concrete in the footers as i have in the 6"thick slab. you could park a tank on it. plus you have to add rebar as well.
I know. overkill.


@GOBLIN no not overkill, my step father went 6" concrete with rebar on his shop. (A purpose built 5,000 sq foot pole barn).

I guess I am gonna pass. I could have had a connex box at the gun range for storage of the family collection. I will still break a few down, grease 'em, bag 'em, and box 'em and store in my shop. But the more I think about it, the more I realize there is no feasible, cost effective long term solution.

I guess I am going to start selling.