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Lone Wolf - No Bueno

I bought a compensator/ muzzle brake from Lone Wolf a few months ago for my Glock 19 Gen 3. I waited until hearing back from Lone Wolf last week before posting on here.

DO NOT BUY ONE…unless you like having to clear the jam and rack the slide every single time you fire. May as well buy a damn muzzleloader - it would fire quicker.

I’ve had it to the range three times since I bought the comp. First time my G19 was a little dirty but not by much - only maybe 100 rounds thru it the month before. But the next two times, I’d cleaned my G19 prior to range day.

I usualy bring a mixed bag of 9mm ammo with me - reloaded range-grade ammo from FedArms, Winchester WhiteBox, Blazer and then the good stuff - Hornady Critical Defense.

But each time I shot with the Lone Wolf comp on, I immediately got jams - FTE, stovepipes, FTF. WTF, right? So each time, I’d get out my Allen wrench and remove the comp to see if it was my after-market threaded barrel that was causing the problem…and NOPE.

I finally got around to emailing Lone Wolf my issue. I got a boilerplate Korporate Amerika copy & paste non-response response that, reading between the lines, was saying I needed to shoot better ammo to get my G19 to function properly. And they snarkily put a FILE CLOSED status on it too.

HELLO!!! Didn’t you read my email where I stated that these Comp problems occurred even with Hornady Critical Defense ammo?? I pointed this out in a reply to their FILE CLOSED email. Other than sending me another FILE CLOSED response, they didn’t even bother to reply. So I sent a 3rd email telling them they sucked, their products sucked and their customer service sucked. Got yet another FILE CLOSED reply.

I have not done anything aftermarket to the gun other than installing a threaded bbl and adding TruGlo tritium sights.

My only conclusion is that the problem is with the Lone Wolf Comp. I have since taken it off and dumped it in my large Bin Where Gun Parts Go To Die. I head up my 300-member church’s 10-man Security Team and there is no freaking way I’m going to depend on an undependable POS gun-part that may allow a bad guy(s) to wreak havoc on our flock. N.F.W.

PART FOR SALE: Lone Wolf Compensator Muzzle-Brake for Glock 19. Black Anodized. Like New. Only fired 3x. Have original packaging. Brand new $49 + shipping. Asking only $25 + USPS $7.95 Priority shipping. Serious buyers only.


Whenever you have a tilting barrel setup like a Glock adding weight to the end of the barrel increases resistance. Maybe adding a reduced recoil spring would help. Also I wouldn’t trust any pistol with an aftermarket compensator with my life. I would use stock barrel and all. Maybe stuff like extended slide release/mag release but nothing major. Not saying what they did was right or anything of course.


Actually posting 'bout the only pistol comp I run. It came with replacement recoil spring, guide rod and mainspring plus I added a flat bottom firing pin stop during initial setup. Point is, it is part of a system that prepared my pistol to fire 55k psi rounds instead of the 30k psi rounds the factory prepared for.

My comp lets me run 460 Rowland in a pistol built for 45ACP. Moving from ~400+ lbft to ~1k lbft required a comp to keep the moving bits attached.


It’s been discussed here awhile ago with @Lurch thread.

Definitely need to match the ammo-comp-recoil guide rod-spring to make it work properly…but it’s your experiment to make it do what you need.

What worked to reduce muzzle flip for me:
Longer threaded, fluted Alpha Wolf Barrel
Alpha Wolf Flash Hider
Glock Store Super Extra Heavy Duty Tungsten Recoil Rod and new stock specification spring.

My G26 Gen4 is just where :eye: want it to be…:boom::boom::boom:

Try here…


@A-Argh15 Seriously Broski, that makes me want to choke them for you. I honestly cannot believe the lack of service, and the complete disrespect to a paying customer


I never can understand why companies think dumping on ANY customer is a good thing. We all talk amongst ourselves and a bad customer experience translates to tens or even hundreds of lost sales. The least they should have done was offer a full or partial refund. That $50 F-U could end up costing them thousands of dollars… and I hope it does.


@A-Argh15 First I have to say I don’t like how Lone Wolf handled your situation, very unprofessional. I am just a gun enthusiast, I like to try different things and I feel your frustration. That being said I have tried many Lone Wolf threaded/ported barrels over the years and many different compensators including Lone Wolf. When you add a compensator it changes/redirects the pressures coming out the end of the barrel (like adding a suppressor) which affects the cycling of the slide. If there is an issue it is probably the guide rod spring at that point…just my novice opinion.


Sorry,just be some mistake! I wasn’t talking about my guide rod…?

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Wasn’t it the comp? Did that get resolved?

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OHHHHH…sorry mountian hunter! OIY MATE,been through this with lone wolf! The comp is doing what it is supposed to do.it is diverting the gases that create the recoil upward forcing the muzzle down,but at the same time you are losing sufficient gas pressure to cycle the slide.Newtons Law.gotta drop your recoil spring weight,and they have a pretty reasonable solution as the Glock was a tricky one,they have a SS guide rod(I think it’s SS)with a Wilson spring set to remedy the problem for around $30.00.i woulda picked it up if I had another carry gun at the time :pouting_cat:


Dude,I wasn’t talking about the comp! Geeze,that was like a long time ago and yes it was resolved,just a lot of screw ups in C.S. :laughing:.i just posted the gentlemen the comp remedy

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:eye: always try to stay on amicable side when dealing with companies. Try different techs., supervisors…all the way to the CEO.

Corps also have “Good Will-Good Faith” accounts that are tax “right-offs”.

They can make it right Stay on their AZZ but be cool…:face_with_monocle:

The question is…is it 100% their product that is at fault?
Possible extra accessories known to correct your issue was listed above.

Currently :eye:’m in the middle of signing a “General Mutual Release Agreement” with a rather large USA Company for $1,000.00 to keep my mouth shut…:shushing_face::see_no_evil::moyai:

Kind of interesting where knowledge and experience can lead…:face_with_monocle::boom::boom::boom::sunglasses::v:


WELLLLL…i gave you some advice on the same comp I got before- and it was all CORRECT(except I retract the the part about buying the guide rod/spring kit assy)"-I DONT RECOMMEND ANY MOVING PARTS FROM LONE WOLF DISTRIBUTORS!-stick with static parts-" be firm,but polite.they just sent me my SECOND failed trigger-drop saftey Wich has the RIGHT trigger bar this time,now my gun won’t shoot but a few rounds without the slide locking.theyre solution? Send THEM my $$$600.00 pistol on my dime "so they can see if they can figure out what problem is,Make it work(“QOUTE”)and test fire it. :thinking:yeahhhhhhh…and while your at you stupid idiot son of a bitch dumd bastards,why don’t you violate my warranty with Glock you Freakin RTARD.sell me an unsafe trigger.run it thru the armory claim it tested,still unsafe.hmmm


I had to recut a chamber on a lone wolf 9mm BBL, on a totally different deal: Re cut the slide channel on another … Just stay away from lone wolf

they got me twice


Was Lone Wolf not willing to fix the issue, could you not return it? I own 5 different Lone Wolf barrels and no issues with any.


3 or 4 emails of BS then spent less time just doing it my self.
If they cant send a RMA and a label within 2 emails I don’t play anymore.

I need it and they were just delaying and wern’t responsive

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