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Logging in troubles

I have been buying from MCARBO for about ten years now. I only make a Minor purchase about once every three years though, and EACH AND EVERY TIME I HAVE TO START AS A NEWBIE with none of my information saved. Not very encouraging to shop with.


@Mrtesj welcome back , you could try buying more often :grin:


I have wondered about businesses, companies active client database.
Sometimes, and this is random, I return business with a company after years and my personal information is still on file. What if there is/was a breach in security, small business, then your personal information could be jeopardized. I’d rather have my inactive billing information removed than have it used for other reasons I have not agreed to.
Remember when you went to the local store to rent a video, and one day they don’t have your name in the database anymore because you haven’t been there in 6 months, something like that.
These databases most likely get “purged” or purge inactive accounts with a time stamp on them.
Perhaps and this is only a guess, MCARBO client orders database filters inactive accounts for security reasons et al as @hunter1916 mentioned, makes sense as a business owner but not that much to their cliental.
Just a thought otherwise what other incentive would there be to remove cliental.


@Mrtesj Welcome to the Brotherhood Thomas.
I don’t know why that is the case. I would guess the stores online client system automatically purges inactive accounts as @Moosecall said , after some given amount of time. (say a year?)
It might be because you didn’t visit the store and login to your account, other than when you made those purchases.
If that is the case, you might try visiting and logging in every 6 months or ? even if your not making a purchase, then the system would see you as an active account and maintain your information.

That is all pure speculation on my part, but it might be worth a try.


Ditto. Plus 10. I agree. Good point.


Based on your purchase frequency, this forum did not exist at your last purchase. The forum is off site and requires its own unique login. So … try loging in at the sales portal using your 3 year old info - it may still work. Your post reads like you may have expected to interact on the forum using your customer login. Most of us have two logins, but no purchase is required to play with us loons.


Yes. @Dred makes a good point and very important distinction.
As far as login and account information, there is no directly linked or overlapping interaction, between the store and forum systems.
Each exist, as they’re own, individual entities.


It woulda been wise of Chris Nelson to start selling tickets to the carnival of carnage inside!:scream::clown_face::smiling_imp::scream::smiling_imp::clown_face::scream:

Too late now​:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:


@Dred as you say no purchess required so what took him so long between chats maybe he does’nt like us :roll_eyes: :laughing: