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Log Book/Range Book

Last night I put together a binder book to help me keep track of my firearms.
Different sections for each gun.
All info about the gun is written down. Serial Number, model number, chambered in, trigger pull, accessories, year manufactured, etc.
Any information I can think of that could be helpful.
I have a wish, want and need sections.
A current build section.
This is similar to what some here are doing with spreadsheets on their computers that I have read about.
That’s were the ideal came from.
Thanks :v:
The book will be taken to the range to log in info on the days shoot. Ammo used, weather conditions, problems and results.
Certainly not tooting my horn here✌️
Just throwing it out here for conversation.
A. Chris Martin


@Captainjack88 I like the idea of a log book Chris. :+1:


been doing that with reloads forever . keeps track of my mixes ect. bad part is having to read my own chicken scratching couple of years later … now does that say DuPont or bulls-eye… and who made that JBTHP??? who the hell is worms…


That’s an idea. You can even get notebook apps for your phone or tablet.

Does anyone use any fancy program to keep track of stuff like this and rounds fired counts?


I use a phone/tablet app called Gun Track. I actually upgraded to Gun Track Pro. It keeps track of all that stuff. Guns, Ammo, Ammo used is subtracted, accessories added to firearms. Last shooting, last cleaning, type of cleaning, among other things. It also keeps track of your total investment, or breaks it down individually. It’s got some flaws. But I have contacted the developer, and he has responded to tell me he’s working on those things. But it is a great all around app that I really recommend. I’m using Android operating system. I don’t know if there is an Apple version.


Some screen shots if Interested.


Great idea. Why a paper book vs online app?
I have considered logs before but never put time into it.


I have an app but I was concerned someone else was collecting the information.


because if the book gets dropped and stepped on, or if it gets rained on (my rough field log is water resistant transfer info to my big log at home) i dont loose the data. Ive never had a book crash, never been in a place where a book couldnt get a signal, and books, you dont have to remember to charge one… :grin:


Books DO gets lost tho. Fires and other disasters happen. Not saying one way is better than the other. But books aren’t fool proof either.


Not a challenge, just curious


If I accidentally leave my book on my tigwelder when i key up, like I have with 3 cell phones (get distracted by the phone while im setting up) it dont kill the book.
im just not a computer/cell phone tablet kinda guy. books are more my generation…


No problem with that. I’m kind of a “tweener”. Books in the lower grades, moving to more digital in the upper grades. So I see value in both. I still buy books because I don’t like a kindle, but instead of a news paper, I read my news on a tablet. Weird, but true. We used to keep hard copies of everything, but now everything seems stored on a cloud somewhere, so losing it is almost impossible to do. Until, ofcourse, you need it. Lol.

Like I said, I see the value in both. No right or wrong way, just personal preference.

Keeping the log is more important than how you do it.



Honestly I never thought about a cell phone app to do this.
Good job!:v:
I have run many a job site where everything is paperless.
All Safety Reports, JHA’s, Equipment Logs, and evening Time is done on a tablet/laptop, I still had a set or two of drawings, but RFI’s would come via email. I could print if I want too.

I looked at several of the “Shooting Apps”. The reviews are not the best.
Pulse I won’t pay for a app either.

Good Bye Cellphone :v::v::v::v::v::v::v:
Sorry Buck , but I had a good chuckle.

The paper book is more my style too.


Great idea, but for another purpose as well. If any of your guns are stolen or lost in a fire, flood etc. you have a detailed record for insurance purposes. I know I can only guess at what I actually have invested in most of my guns, unless I look through a pile of receipts, if I can find them all.




I also took photos of all to prove I have then.


I keep all receipts, plus a video (camcorder video LOL) in a safety deposit box at my credit union, receipts are stapled in a journal, which has additional receipts, scopes ect in there as well. I live in the hurricane belt. flooding, high winds, ect ect ect. did that when i first moved here, with all important papers and things that could not be replaced at any cost. Book gets updated as things change…


@GOBLIN I have always been a book person too. I have kept log books for field research, treasure hunting, collection item inventory’s, etc.

HEED THOSE WORDS WELL!!! I lost around 50 canisters of 8 mm and 16 mm concert film footage and around twice that many spools of reel to reel audio tape. Along with that were photos of cars, racing, friends, etc.
It was all lost in a truck fire while in transit. All of it was in hard, road cases, but they weren’t made to survive a full melt down. The entire Ford 1 1/2 ton truck and its contents burned completely to ash and melted metal except the frame, engine block, and drive axle. Those were burned and sunken into the asphalt of the road. I couldn’t have imagined that happening, and it was gone in less than 30 minutes.
There was some footage and audio that didn’t exist, except for mine. And none of it was replaceable. I still just want to throw up when I think about it.


pretty good idea… i like it


Me too!
Just terrible!
That must of been tough and still is.
Sorry about that​:v::v: