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Locktite: I Quit Using Most Of It

years ago, except for 380,271, and green sleeve retainer (specialized apps) on various items, speed parts, firearms, knives ect. I went to Vibra-tite, VC-3. i know most of ya have seen it, the red or blue 'paint" that comes on some scope fasteners, some forend rails, think magpul uses blue on their gear, cannot remember. anyway. Instead of being a hardening anarobic sealer that usually leaves a lot of debris, gauled /stripped threads, or goo in the action from to much application, this is a acrylic Polymer that dampens and absorbs shock and vibration.
works on wood,plastic, alloy, steel stainless. you simply clean the screw completely free of debris, and grease (isopropyl alcohol ) paint the thread with a light coat, let it dry, clean the threads its going into, and install and torque. bolt can be removed and reinstalled several times before it has to be re-

coated. then you simply repeat the process. works stellar on scope mounts. dry time is 30 minutes, shelf life is 5 years after opening.
read the spec’s here www.vibra-tite.com purchase it here www.jdindustrialsupply.com
item#21330 Vibra-tite VC-3 threadmate with brush top applicator price is $24.99 for a 1 fl oz (30cc) bottle that will last and last. have heard its also available on amazon. but look at the website, and see the specs. I works really really well. Ive not had anything back loose since i started using it on engine applications (high temp High rev) and ive not had the scope mounts or sight screws come loose on the 300 win mag or the 45/70s since i went to using it primarily.


@GOBLIN Here are the links for you.


Multiple sizes. I’ll be ordering. I’m lucky enough to have a good feel for torque, thread engagement and materials so I rarely use locktite on virgin work and I’m generally successful. But, this appeals to my sense of professionalism, so …

Thanks for the share.


I know this is going to get a lot of WTF, is he crazy but for almost 40 years I’ve been using a product I stole from my wife called Hard As Nails. It’s some type of nail polish/nail hardener. I have mounted scopes on everything I own from a 22 up to .338 mag. and have never had one come loose. It’s about $1.99 a bottle at your local Wally World. Disassembly is clean and have never stripped any threads.


@godallmighty thank ya brother. the light finally came on in my head when i realized it also locked in plastic.
the bottle with the brush applicator lives the longest, the other bottles do well, you just have to be easy on application. just need a stripe. works on screws from eyeglass size up to and above 1"


@Texprep LOL I use clear nail polish for a variety of things too. :+1:


Interesting stuff. I’ll have to try it. One of my main hobbies is flying R/C helicopters, so I go through gallons of Locktite with all the metal-to-metal fasteners. Yeah, I crash a lot. :rofl:


well, I always heard you guys never crash, you jus auto -rotate :smiling_imp:


Ive used this stuff in the past and found it works really well. It comes out sticky , applying it on the threads it turns rubbery and stays put. :+1:


This is used by a lot of auto mechanics to stop fasteners from coming loose. You can pick it up at most fastener supply stores.