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Limited Edition S&W 469: 80's Flashback

Put on your Maimi Vice jacket and enjoy this one!



I had a 669 9mm in stainless that I purchased when we still carried revolvers. I took the “transition course” on my own time and expense and was allowed to carry it off duty. A year later the Dept made the transition to semi-auto and we adopted the Smith & Wesson. By then Smith had come out with the “next” generation and as I recall I was issued a 6906 which was the compact version. Am I recalling correctly that the “400” series were the full size and the “600” series the compact versions

In the 3rd Generation, the 6900 series were the compact double-stack pistols and the 5900 series were the full size pistols with a 15-shot capacity. (I know, I know, the very early 5900 pistols still had 14-shot magazines).


thanks, it was a good gun for it’s time. Just never did like the double action on the first round. Also wasn’t a big fan of 9mm. The Sheriff’s Dept here went with the .45s. Wasn’t the “04” designation blue steel and the “06” stainless? This goes back quite a few years, too many series and generation changes to keep track of.

Yep. In the full size pistols, the 5904 had a blue steel slide over an alloy frame (anodized to match the slide) and the 5906 was all stainless steel. In the 6900 series, the 6904 had a blue slide and the 6906 had a stainless slide, both of them had alloy frames anodized to match the slide.


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