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Lights In The Darkness (Flashlight Thread)


Optical Dynamics OD40 Long Distance Illuminator. CALS (Collated Amplified Lens System) photonic technology. 720 lumens, 200 yard effective range. Picatinny or 1" & 30mm scope mounts. The pure focused beam of light this thing puts out is like nothing I’ve ever seen.


I wouldn’t be caught without a flashlight it is part of my EDC . I have a fenix that I used every day at work and have dropped it so many times it should have broken already but it keeps on working. Lights are like a knife always have one with me.



@Kona Nice, I do love a good flashlight and one can never have to many…kinda like guns.:+1:


The Olight Valkyrie 1200 Lm is the bomb! Projector style beam. After owning one I don’t think I could by anything else! Spoiled with it.


After all the good talk about Olight I decided to buy the M2T Warrior ($55) and some accessories ($30) and the quality is top notch. It has five lumen settings (1/15/60/400/900) and a max of 1200 lumens with different batteries. Batteries last 30days/1L, 42h/15L, 14h/60L, 3h/400L & 1.5h/900L.


I an using a Streamlight TLR-4 (125 lumens) for indoors and Fenix PD35 Tac (1,000 lumens) for outdoors.


@TheThreeLaws Thats the way mine is. Stupid bright. lol
It will easily reach out 100yrds and is great for out in the open desert though.


Splurged and spent $9 on a little penlight for work. Should fit in the pen pocket of my uniform, does 1, 50, and 210 lumens. Runs on 2 AAAs. Lots of cases when I need a light but don’t want my super powerful Olight.


Oops helps to attach the picture :roll_eyes:


@TheThreeLaws I agree. A good pen light is nice. Most of the time you just need a small light with a good switch in an average day.


a little torch with a tasser built in comes in very handy at times:zap::zap::zap::zap:


With all the modern lighting available today you don’t see much of the old school stuff anymore.
I thought I would post one that is fairly rare these days and few have probably ever seen.

This is a … < insert your favorite ethnic group here>… flashlight, with extra bulbs.