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Lights In The Darkness (Flashlight Thread)

@TheThreeLaws Thats the way mine is. Stupid bright. lol
It will easily reach out 100yrds and is great for out in the open desert though.


Splurged and spent $9 on a little penlight for work. Should fit in the pen pocket of my uniform, does 1, 50, and 210 lumens. Runs on 2 AAAs. Lots of cases when I need a light but don’t want my super powerful Olight.


Oops helps to attach the picture :roll_eyes:


@TheThreeLaws I agree. A good pen light is nice. Most of the time you just need a small light with a good switch in an average day.


a little torch with a tasser built in comes in very handy at times:zap::zap::zap::zap:


With all the modern lighting available today you don’t see much of the old school stuff anymore.
I thought I would post one that is fairly rare these days and few have probably ever seen.

This is a … < insert your favorite ethnic group here>… flashlight, with extra bulbs.


Yes Love Mine’ Saved my Butt a few times Under Ground Mining and Mucking Around,


Got two new ones! Emisar D4 (with a short 18350 battery tube in addition to the 18650 tube), a quad emitter 4300lm beast, and a D1s, a 1300lm thrower.

I’ll try to take beamshot photos later.


Ok Beamshot time! First, my current duty carry, Olight R50 and it’s beam

Then the Emisar D4, much warmer but at least as bright but a fraction of the size.

Then the Emisar D1s

That treeline is at least 50 yards away, and both are lighting it up to some degree. Pictures don’t always do it justice but I’m very impressed.


So far I have several Streamlites(only one of which I’m not real pleased with-but it is more of a battery issue more than the light), several sizes of Maglites (most of which are updated to LEDs) and a couple models of the Fenix brand.

IMHO, it is hard to go wrong with any of them but Fenix does seem to be pricier than most other comparable brands-depending on the model.


Fenix seems like a very solid brand, but they ask a slightly premium price. Thrunite seems like a really great balance of quality/value, and I’ve liked the one I have.



Thrunite? Yet another brand I’ve never heard of before. Will check into them.


Finally found a good deal on an aplc, been wanting to check one out, not a bad light for the money, probably will end up getting another. Probably not going to stay on this build but we’ll see


Yeah they’re great. Some very budget items, plus some with features like USB recharging. I own a TC12 that’s great (1" diameter “tactical” light), and they’ve got plenty of other good models


Got the Emisar D4s in recently. While technically not much brighter than it’s baby brother, the D4, it’s much throwier. This one is 4x SST20 5000K (neutral white) emitters, and about 4000lumens (so actually slightly dimmer than my XP-L HI D4).

Same Beamshot as the others, trees are probably 30+ yards away.


And another 70 yards away.



Oh and realized I never posted the little D1, or a Beamshot of it.

Another point of reference, my patrol car’s spotlight.

I thought I’d collected all the Emisars, but now he’s released the D18, an 18 SST20 emitter monstrosity. Still fairly compact, just thick (3x18650s), but outputs 10000lumens (with warmer 3000k or 4000k emitters, that also render colors very accurately) or 14000 (with 5000k or 6500k and less color accurate emitters). Can’t decide which, I do like the D4s and it’s 5000k SST20s, but 4000k is a really nice tone and has no glare.


Olight is running a sale if anyone needs lights.

I was planning on a Warrior X for my rifle and PL Mini for my shotgun, plus a light mount, but grabbed an extra dock and PL Pro light to get me above $300 and got a free PL2. The PL Pro will fit well on a carbine of some sort with variable 300 and 1500 lumens, and the spare PL 2 may get resold to make up some money, or wait for an inevitable additional weapon to go on.


I’ve used this Surefire U2 ULTRA for years. It is one of the brightest flashlights I have ever used.


I’ve had this surefire light for about a year now, so far so good.


Olight sale ended up with me having more lights and weapons to put them on.

Warrior X is for the AR, PL mini is gonna ride a shotgun, PL Pro is gonna go on the AR pistol (ability to toggle between 300 and 1500 lumens is huge), the PL 2 on that will be for OWB carrying my M&P compact.

Wasn’t gonna get the PL Pro but with their promos, getting it got me a free PL 2.

The spare PL 2 will either get solid to make the PL Pro a great deal, or wait until I have a weapon for it.