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Lights In The Darkness (Flashlight Thread)


Streamlight tlr6 on my edc, plenty bright for the small streamline package, I think it’s a 100 lumens

Couple Viridian X5l that are around 180 lumens with green lasers that have serve me well although the mounting leaves them somewhat crooked on certain models. The new version looks interesting with the rechargeable battery, may pick one up for the newest acquisition.

Inforce XL on the ar build that is insanely bright at 800 lumens.

Falcon for camping and all other flashlight needs, father gave this to me years ago and has been a great tool.


@pyr what’s the 80% build?


19 with Suarez slide built with oem internals except for apex extractor plunger along with ameriglo sights
Blacklist barrel and magwell
Overwatch tac trigger, connector, and spring
Vickers mag release, slide catch, and base plate
DI rmr Amber 7 moa and X5L


Great topic for me.
I’m from the old school, aircraft landing light in a hand-held spotlight housing and every size Mag-lite (2-9 D cell) neighborhood. LOL
The only high end? modern light I have is a full size stream-lite. I can mount it on my s2k, but I mainly use it as just a light. It is bright enough to reach out there for sure, but it is extremely hard on the eyes.
When using it in a room, cab of a vehicle, on the ground directly in front of you etc the reflected light will still destroy your vision for a bit.


That’s why I like most modern LED lights, they’ve got variable brightness and usually a moonlight mode (.5-5 lumens usually) that you can usually access without turning the light on normally (ie hold the button while off and it goes straight to moonlight).

Some some full size lights out there are stupid bright and cover hundreds of yards with ease.


Streamlight TLR-4 125 lumens and red laser


millennium kit ,surefire.


Optical Dynamics OD40 Long Distance Illuminator. CALS (Collated Amplified Lens System) photonic technology. 720 lumens, 200 yard effective range. Picatinny or 1" & 30mm scope mounts. The pure focused beam of light this thing puts out is like nothing I’ve ever seen.


I wouldn’t be caught without a flashlight it is part of my EDC . I have a fenix that I used every day at work and have dropped it so many times it should have broken already but it keeps on working. Lights are like a knife always have one with me.



@Kona Nice, I do love a good flashlight and one can never have to many…kinda like guns.:+1:


The Olight Valkyrie 1200 Lm is the bomb! Projector style beam. After owning one I don’t think I could by anything else! Spoiled with it.


After all the good talk about Olight I decided to buy the M2T Warrior ($55) and some accessories ($30) and the quality is top notch. It has five lumen settings (1/15/60/400/900) and a max of 1200 lumens with different batteries. Batteries last 30days/1L, 42h/15L, 14h/60L, 3h/400L & 1.5h/900L.


I an using a Streamlight TLR-4 (125 lumens) for indoors and Fenix PD35 Tac (1,000 lumens) for outdoors.


@TheThreeLaws Thats the way mine is. Stupid bright. lol
It will easily reach out 100yrds and is great for out in the open desert though.


Splurged and spent $9 on a little penlight for work. Should fit in the pen pocket of my uniform, does 1, 50, and 210 lumens. Runs on 2 AAAs. Lots of cases when I need a light but don’t want my super powerful Olight.


Oops helps to attach the picture :roll_eyes:


@TheThreeLaws I agree. A good pen light is nice. Most of the time you just need a small light with a good switch in an average day.


a little torch with a tasser built in comes in very handy at times:zap::zap::zap::zap:


With all the modern lighting available today you don’t see much of the old school stuff anymore.
I thought I would post one that is fairly rare these days and few have probably ever seen.

This is a … < insert your favorite ethnic group here>… flashlight, with extra bulbs.