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Lights In The Darkness (Flashlight Thread)

Similar concept to the knife thread, I figured we could use a forum to discuss and recommend flashlights.

Plus I get to share my updated collection.

These are the Olight models I’ve accumulated. The tiny ones are the I1R (left) and I3E (right), keychain lights (micro USB and AAA, respectively). I1R is on my keys, has a moonlight and 130lumen mode. Front center was my old EDC, the S10R Baton III, a 600 lumen model. Replacing it is the raw copper S1RII, a 1000 lumen piece. The front left and right are weapon lights, the 400lumen rechargeable PL Mini (my EDC gun light) and 1200 lumen CR123 powered PL2 Valkyrie to the right (riding 12 o clock on my AR pistol). In the middle is the 600 lumen H1R headlamp. And lastly towering in the back is the R50 Pro Seeker, a 3200 lumen beast that’s my duty belt light.

Almost all have magnetic tailcaps and recharge from them. It’s quite handy to just slap them on metal surfaces.

Now, my old patrol light was a Thrunite TC12, a 1000 lumen tail switch. Once we added weapon lights to our pistols (TRL1s) I decided I would sub in the R50.

Any one else got any to share? I’ve found that they’re a fun sub-hobby, and never bad to have.


I do like having a good flashlight handy, picked this up at a gun show ($25) and got a spare. Switch has high/low/strobe and you don’t even know it’s clipped to inside of your pocket. It is very bright for it’s size (high/168 lumens).


Big fan of Olight. I think I am up to four in their line-up. I own 2 pl mini, a Keychain flashlight for the wife(only way I can get her to carry it lol) and the new warrior x that was recently released. Very happy with them.


Picked up this rechargable Gerber Myth “Spotlight” at an outdoor show for $30 (retail $82). Comfortable to hold and compact. 650 lumens high (2hrs.) and 100 lumens low (10hrs.). Belt clip can be mounted on either side and comes with a car charger as well.


How do you like the Warrior X? I don’t currently need a full size weapon light and the R50 works well as a duty light, but it looks fairly throwy, which could be nice down the line.


The Warrior X has been a fantastic addition to my line up. It has really good throw, will light the hell out of a room, Definitely don’t look directly at the beam. It has a “throttle” or “gas pedal” tail switch. So for example soft press is 300 lumes where a hard press is the full 2000 lumens. I added the extra pressure switch. It was a bundle deal. I have not mounted it to a weapon yet. It’s in rotation with my EDC lights until I really get used to it. Catch it on a flash sale I spent $94.50 shipped (U.S.A. Currency)


@Threelaws if you had to own one nice flash light, cost no issue, what would it be? I just thought I would ask as you have quite a collection.



@TheThreeLaws @SwishaHouse Olight is my jam too! I have the Valkyrie and the mini on 2 pistols :+1:t2:


I’m gonna post an actual contribution as soon as the Olight I ordered on black friday finally lands. USPS has had it bouncing 'round the country since 12.10. Heck, it took off from the north side of Houston on the 18th and has yet to get check’d in by the post office that delivers my mail.


Based on my relatively limited knowledge, the Acebeam X70. Puts out up to 60k lumens via 13 LEDs and uses a fan to keep from melting. Currently $550 on Amazon and I’d have zero use for it. Could probably be a good helicopter spotlight.

@Dred dude that sucks, but I feel you. My PL2 only got here a week ago, and my Christmas order got to my local post office before they sent it back to the distribution center in Georgia…

(Normally I make a joke about government efficiency and health care but I’ll abstain)


Helpful thanks. :joy:

I figured, cost no issue, gotta go nuts :joy:

I like my R50 a lot, you could pocket it and it’s a great balance of throw and flood. The Thrunite TN20 would be a great soda can size light, from what I hear. An M2R Warrior seems like a great middle ground light (between EDC and hand filling ones)

There are tons of options. Surefire and Streamlight are Titans in the industry, but they’re also Dinosaurs. They’re priced higher and usually output lower than many other options. Now, am I glad I have a Streamlight TRL 1 on my duty gun? Sure, I need reliability. But my PL2 is nicer and brighter. Maybe it’s less durable, I’m not sure it’s been pushed as hard. But I wanna see those brands step up their game for the premium they charge. Hard to pay more for dimmer lights with less features.



Streamlight tlr6 on my edc, plenty bright for the small streamline package, I think it’s a 100 lumens

Couple Viridian X5l that are around 180 lumens with green lasers that have serve me well although the mounting leaves them somewhat crooked on certain models. The new version looks interesting with the rechargeable battery, may pick one up for the newest acquisition.

Inforce XL on the ar build that is insanely bright at 800 lumens.

Falcon for camping and all other flashlight needs, father gave this to me years ago and has been a great tool.


@pyr what’s the 80% build?

19 with Suarez slide built with oem internals except for apex extractor plunger along with ameriglo sights
Blacklist barrel and magwell
Overwatch tac trigger, connector, and spring
Vickers mag release, slide catch, and base plate
DI rmr Amber 7 moa and X5L


Great topic for me.
I’m from the old school, aircraft landing light in a hand-held spotlight housing and every size Mag-lite (2-9 D cell) neighborhood. LOL
The only high end? modern light I have is a full size stream-lite. I can mount it on my s2k, but I mainly use it as just a light. It is bright enough to reach out there for sure, but it is extremely hard on the eyes.
When using it in a room, cab of a vehicle, on the ground directly in front of you etc the reflected light will still destroy your vision for a bit.


That’s why I like most modern LED lights, they’ve got variable brightness and usually a moonlight mode (.5-5 lumens usually) that you can usually access without turning the light on normally (ie hold the button while off and it goes straight to moonlight).

Some some full size lights out there are stupid bright and cover hundreds of yards with ease.


Streamlight TLR-4 125 lumens and red laser


millennium kit ,surefire.