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Lightening a PC9 Carbine

I have the PC 9 model 19115 black synthetic with the aluminum free-float handguard. I would like to lose a few ounces or pounds. I’m thinking of trading out the stock for a Tandenkross chassis (using an AR buffer tube and stock). The aluminum handguard is built like a tank but it is heavy also. Any idea about what to do on that? Because of the way the takedown button is design on this model I’m having trouble finding an aftermarket handguard that is lighter. Thanks.


I have the standard PC carbine and I have only seen picts of the new one with the free float. so I have no way of comparing.
I am not sure what a free float gets you on a heavy barrel that is at realistic best case, 150 yard gun, really 125 without a significant hold over. I think we all tried 200 but its becoming arty style at that point. Anyway mine almost bone stock plastic is quite hefty but I don’t think much of that is the plastic fore stock at all. I truly don’t know the weights but it seems overall, the vast majority seems to be in the action/ barrel and certainly in the ammo and mag depending on the capacity. It’s never going to be a featherweight.

I might be totally wrong here but I foresee you spending a LOT of money for very little weight reduction.


Like @Wyo I started with the standard PC Carbine, but have since replace both the forend and stock. Mine’s gotten a bit heavier, actually…though I like it that way. The extra weight seems to enhance the transition from target to target when plinking. Great gun, even in the stock configuration. One of my favorites to shoot and, aside from the ergonomic mods, the innards are essentially all stock and running like a champ after 2250 rounds down the pipe.


The PC9 CHARGER barrel fits just fine and lightens the load a LOT!!!:sunglasses:

Seriously the Tandemkross “UPRISER” chassis looks the best out there…
love the 12* angled stock for easy sighting…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

Geez… dunno, looks like it got drove over and bent.
I’ll keep mine stock.


Oh that one looks nice. I suspect the pistol grip helps a bit and I like pistol grips. I like to keep allen keys and screw/ torx bits/Battery/mini tube of loctite in mine in those that have them.

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The MIAD grip is built for storage, has a pull out latching base, I think I have a bottle of CLP in mine at the moment. The MI chassis has extra storage in the “receiver extension” as well, there’s a screw on cap with o-ring if you pull the buttstock off. I did a bit of a manual sculpting job on the MIAD grip backstrap, MI shows it with the shallow backstrap but my larger hands prefer the thicker one. The handguard is a PMM piece, that was the first part I got, mated to the standard poly stock. My issue with many long guns is length of pull, you’ll notice an enhanced butt pad on the buttstock as well, standard furniture for me on my ARs to get the extra length. LOP was also the reason I went with the MI chassis…but I do like and can shoot the standard poly stock if necessary, just couldn’t put enough of those buttpad extensions on it…

Close up of the grip:

Here she is before the chassis, but after the handguard swap:


What was the cost of your conversion if I may?
It is very good looking to me.

A lifetime ago I had a friends dad who was the absolute hunter of hunters and he had a tip and that was to bore a hole in the wood stock or use the mounting hole depending on the model to store a couple rounds of ammo under the butt plate, and according to him at the time it had saved more than one hunt by having that. I could see putting a few (mm rounds in your tube for the same purpose. weight at the back is the best place for weight anyway.

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I think the MI chassis was about $175 and the handguard was $150. Not super cheap but I like the extra heft and it’s practically bomb-proof as well. I was so pleased with the PCC’s mechanics and accuracy, I didn’t mind spending the coin to set it up to my liking. This gun is not going anywhere/getting sold unless I’m dead. :wink:

I just checked the PMM website, they must have come out with a newer handguard because the one I have is on sale for $100…

Offhand, not sure on the furniture but I believe the MIAD grip is pretty reasonable for a configurable grip (and easily modifiable with a coping saw and Dremel :grinning:). You can run any mil-spec buttstock you like.

Front rail /handguard is sold out :frowning_face:

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Sorry, I didn’t scroll down before posting that…

There’s a reason…check the videos on it.

Happy with my OEM stock, several spacers, with slip on extension with Sorbothane inside.:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

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The charger barrel would make it an SBR, correct?

The Upriser looks kinda odd to me but I’ve watched several vids on Spewtube and the design makes sense.


Sounds like a legal question to me! Sounds right but someone else can answer on your state and federal level…:eye:’m sure!

Taccom makes a rail thats supposed to lighten up the load…

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The MI chassis maintains factory sight picture for the iron sights, it’s not mostly plastic and it doesn’t look “broken” as @Wyo noted. All that said, it will surely weigh more than the Upriser. To each his own, but if I was gonna drop $179 on a chassis, I know which one I’d buy (and already have).