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Light up your Irons

I guess you could call this an iron sight improvement hack. I’ve done this to a few of my weapons over the years from pistols, rifles, shotguns, to my son’s Airsoft guns. Here are a few example pics on this S2K of glow in the dark paint on the front iron sight post. Myself, I just like the front iron sight post/s on rifles lit up, pistols I prefer the front and back iron posts lit up. All I use is a toothpick to apply the paint to the iron sights, works pretty well. On this particular S2K I applied a dab and let it dry, did the same two more times. If you do to much a dab of paint you will alter your zero ever so slightly, re-adjust your iron zero if needed. I double checked that the paint does not interfere with Red dot, the paint glow isn’t bright enough to over take the Red dot brightness. The link to the paint I used is here, and you can get it in different colors as well.
Glow in The Dark Paint


@00Buck how long does the paint hold a charge. This is a very intriguing idea.


@DocA I can hit the dab of paint on any of my sights with my edc pocket Streamlight for a minute and it will hold a charge for 5+ hours.


Very cool. Gonna have to try that.