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Light For Pic Rail

@A-Argh15 if you are going to go the flashlight route you might want to look into a Lux-Pro XP900, it fits a 1" scope ring perfectly and is 850 lumens.

I use that on my competition shotgun for night matches and it takes the pounding without fail.

@A-Argh15 Hey Mark, I can’t find the 1" Coast flashlight I got from

Home Depot but this one (Coast PX1) looks close to it and is 315 luman, 4.5"x1" aluminum housing and takes 3AAA batt. On/off button is on the end, has a high and low power and a twist focus beem…$29.97


@A-Argh15 I have also had a+ results with Streamlight. brand.


Just installed this Olight on my G19x…very nice fit and finish. Blindingly bright. Would buy again.


I passed on the PL Mini 2, cus I already have the original and there aren’t many holsters for it yet. But then I remembered I need a light for a shotgun and that would have worked…

(I might transfer my TRL4 from my Sub to the Mossberg before giving it to my parents, at least until there’s another Olight sale

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I IWB cc an N82 Tactical and have for years. The most comfortable IWB I have ever worn both on and off duty. No maring of gun finish with this holster.
For LEOSA carry it’s perfect for me needs. And made right here in the freedom loving state of NC!:+1: