Lever Action Rifles



Very nice! But, if you don’t have to have extra features, the 1895GS can save you a few hundred dollars and might be in stock.


Another one I like, and the price is a lot better. don’t know if that stainless and pic rail is worth the extra $500.



If you really want to save some money, I have seen the 1895 at gun shows and my local gun shop for around $500:

Here is a link to it:


I do like the big loop and the extended magazine. Better for gloved hands and I like the extra 2 round capacity. That I will pay the extra money for.



That’s why there are so many satisfied gun owners - so many choices!


@Texprep … let me know if you want to try the 1895GBL. Mine is mostly factory - just added a pic rail.


Thanks for the offer Milton. I may take you up on that in a couple weeks. I have plenty of ammo already since I have the contender. I’ll bring it along too. Been awhile since I’ve fired that one.


I really love my marlin 1895gbl 45/70. Performs great with no issues. No mods yet, thinking of the MI forend.


a good likeness of you :rofl::rofl::rofl:


We had both Winchester and Marlin in our collection. Always preferred the Marlin with it’s side ejection. I carried a Marlin 336 in 35 cal. for deer hunting for over 30 yrs. With a little experience, a very fast shooting gun. For those who’ve carried them, a classic firearm just instills a level of confidence and connection with history you don’t get with many of the more modern arms.


You can install a scope on a Winchester 1892 or 1894. See:


Funny I have been thinking about getting one again. 357/38 . I think marlin as it is easy to mount scope. Still qould.like it in 16 inch barrel but their 18 will have to do.
Balistics by the inch shows 16 kind of optimum for fps. Of course mileage may vary . 16 inch just so compact and pointable.


I believe Marlin would be the best choice if you are thinking about mounting a scope on it. Comes already drilled and tapped for a scope mount and the Marlin’s side ejection presents less potential problems than a top ejection lever action. I have an old Marbles Game getter see thru scope mount on my Marlin 336 in 35rem. Works great for running shots on game. It can be a bit difficult to find moving deer through a scope, so I mount the rifle and look through the mount at the open sights and track the animal, then you only need raise your head slightly and the cross hairs will be right on them. My father used to have me practice this by tracking flying birds. With a little practice it is very effective. My record is dropping two running deer at 50 and 65 yds in under 10 seconds.


I got the chance to shoot the Marlin 1895 GBL yesterday while at the range testing the Mcarbo Optics Mount. Another forum member met me there to test the optics mount and knew I was in the market for a 45/70 lever gun. He brought his along and let me take some shots with it. Really nice rifle which would serve my needs perfectly as a short, lightweight large caliber brush gun. A big thanks to @Dred for bringing it along and allowing me to shoot it.


45/70, now that is a cartridge that says “I’m serious”. If it was good enough to hunt buffalo well over 100yrs ago, I’m sure it’ll handle anything you’re likely to encounter. You really should “pull the trigger” and get one.


@Texprep … you are very welcome. Sorry I hadn’t gotten 'round to installing the RPP sighting rail and getting it on target. At least the POI is predictable @ 10" southwest of POA.


All that mattered to me was being able to put it in my hands. Getting to shoot it was a bonus. Doesn’t matter it wasn’t sighted in, being able to see it hit the same P.O.I. everytime as long as you held the same P.O.A. is what’s important.


as well as the 45/70 cartridge, to me is one of the easiest to reload. so many choices on 300 gr bullets and up. you can load either way black powder cartridge, or smokeless cartridge… always loved that round…


year afore last, Knowing I could never afford much less abuse a original 1887 Winchester 12 gauge lever action shotgun and dispute the bad press about finish work, I bought a PW87 Norinco Lever shotgun. before i even shot it, tore it down and lapped alll the critical surfaces. 2 fingers brothers .all it takes to jack it hot or cold. smooth as butter. only thing i wat to add to it, is a big loop lever. which will be soon. most fun ive ever had with a 300$ shotgun. usually i take my browning A5 to turkey shoots, this past year, i took the PW, but I did pattern it :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Well I decided to go with 16 inch rossi model 92 in 357. I prefer the 92 lock up.
Getting one from Steve’s guns. This way it’s already slicked up and tuned for reliability.

Plus I prefer the lighter weight of the rossi.

Cant wait to get it to the range