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Lever-Action AR-15



The Libs will probably try to get it banned, cause you might shoot your eye out!


Very interesting. I gotta admit that fake tube mag (read he article to find out why it has both box and tube mags) really, really bothers me. And that clumsy abortion of a thumbhole stock knocked up by a pistol grip doesn’t scream red Ryder either.

After reading, I came to the conclusion that this is a pre-emptive design to convert autoloading ARs to lever action when they decide to take’m away. My problem is: that result is still an AW according to the definitions adopted by several of our nanny states.

No sir, I don’t likey. And, that’s hard for my lever loving soul to compute.

Sorta like a super model with a soap allergy - I can almost appreciate it, but it ain’t get’n invited home with me.


Okay, Thanks. I was thinking I had the most ridiculous AR ever.


It would be a close race :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I think yours looks great. :+1:



Doesn’t it scream more RED RYDING HOOD, to one??? :rofl:




Please Lord, take me know, I have seen the most ugly of all uglys. This is what happens when Remington and Marlin merge. Bored Engineers start playing a game of “What if’s!” John Browning created the 1895 Winchester, it waas what someone who wanted to shooted spitzer type ammo needed in a lever action…this evil spawn of Satan needs to be burned.


Yeah, cool, but…

If I’m pushing 5.56 NATO downrange out of a lever action, I have to go with this.


I love me a Henry!



absolutely hate it, why waste money on that when ammo is in need?

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Do you own a long ranger?

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I’d like to. :grinning:

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I guess you were talking about the beast at the top of the thread. Henley has started put side doors in their rifles as well as maintaining the tube feed. I’m waiting until the Lone Ranger comes out with a side door model. Have two Henrys and LOVE them. My “Big Boy” in .357 magnum is amazing to shoot. The only issue I have with it is it is very picky on what type of hollow points it will feed. Anything flat nosed hangs up ugly and requires a lot of fiddling to get it out. Keep it happy with rounded ammo and it is one smooth shooter. Recoil is minimal too.

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It won’t unless they do a seriously convoluted box magazine system. Box mags are picked up from the top position in the magazine. I can’t imagine a means to load the mag from the side of the receiver. In a traditional lever, the side gate is a short cut to the elevator which is the location the bolt picks up the next round.

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