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Level 3 Member Announcement!


Level 3 Member Announcement!

The name tags are a FUN addition to the community! @Kona Good job!


Awesome! How does one become super level 3?


Just have to keep participating and it will happen. :+1:


Works for me, no free hand outs lol!


So how do I get to change my title ?
It either says non or regular ?


@hunter1916 the funny thing is I’m only 34 years young I just carry myself like an old gent I’m a southerner so we use our manners down in these parts. :wink:


@Turmeric1 go to the level3 members lounge shhhh it’s a secret. Then ask a mod to change your title to one of your choosing. Unless you want us to choose for you…lol



Now that the ‘dirty little secret’ is out… It is nice ‘seeing’ one’s nickname in posts, for sure!!!


@lonewolf HTA YETU NISUKALA KI ! (my dialect could be a tad rusty an a lil off)



Buck, I believe that I will need your interpretation on this, for sure! My ‘guess’ on NISUKALA should be MISUNKALA meaning “younger brother?” Would that part be correct? Big smiles!


correct… dialect issue, or im rustier than usual. eastern most souix… well, 1//2 anyway…


I am impressed, Buck! Thanks for ‘honoring’ my culture. I struggle with my language because I don’t have many to practice…Getting to ceremony has been few and far between as well. It does disappoint me!


You are correct! It is all about (dialect.) Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota. The spelling changes usually by the first letter except (gender.) That is ‘all’ I know about the language ‘skills.’