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Level 3 Member Announcement!


@Wedge What about “Dude-o-Suave-A” or is that “Dude-o-Suave-Eh”


How bout Dudicle…?


So, which one hangs low, the left or right Dudicle? :rofl:


Or like red skelton and the Mean Little Kid. If I dude it, I get a Whoopin’… “I dude It”!!:smiley:


Well if you’re right handed, anatomically the left is lower👍


Dear John,
Sorry to hear that as we are serving steak and lobster for dinner!
Bet you never got fed like that before!

You are always welcome aboard, Having put 18 years in the Navy and 14 in the Army as a combat MP I was blessed to have had the opportunity to see two sides of the coin so I have a deep appreciation for what Marines do! Semper Fi !
Phil Owens QMC(SS)
SFC Ret.


@PhilOwens only time I had chow like that was when we went to Kadena AFB to load or off load gear.

Having a “waiter” ask a bunch of dirty Marines how they would like their steaks cooked just left us slack jawed and confused…

With the slowly dawning realization that MAYBE we picked the wrong branch of service!!! :rage:


@Flogrown, How about Sir Dude, since we have many military family and it seems to be a ‘formal intro?’ You could also use KINGDUDE? Just a couple of ideas to throw around some more?


@Johnksg Thats priceless.:confounded::confused: I can totally see that in my minds eye. :rofl:

After the initial shock faded, :man_cook: I would have made sure he had exact instructions to insure me my perfect steak, followed by a second the same as the first.:man_cook::man_cook:


think when i get one of those, title things its going to be involuntary VA zombie lab-rat…



Braaaains…:zombie: aarrr…Brraaains…aarrr…:zombie: lol “in VA”


@GOBLIN well you are already a goblin so NOT such a big stretch to zombie?

Do you qualify for the Choice Program brother? It changed my life!


@goblin you rate trust level 3. Choose away at a new title sir! :+1:t2: Edit: choose in the member lounge please. I don’t know how we got away from that. Would like to keep the decision making in that thread


@GOBLIN and join us in the top secret lounge! (Where nothing much happens…)


@johnksg you and I are on the same page lol. It brings traffic to that hidden away thread and it’s an inclusive place. Might as well get some use out of it.


@Kona well the names was a stroke of genius! Doubled the participation in just a couple of days!


@johnksg tips hat :cowboy_hat_face:


@Flogrown, If one does call you Sir Dude, I would think you could compare yourself to Sir Elton John or Sir Paul Mc Cartney… Unless you were in fact knighted by Queen Elizabeth!!! Were you??? lol


@Johnksg i Would join ya in there,if i knew where it was…<------puterlychallanged
VA alread got me farmed out. thye the one that screwed the pooch as it were. supposed to be the top hospital in the south east…thats debatable.


@lonewolf @Flogrown problaby old enough to be nighted by queen victoria :joy::joy: