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Level 3 Member Announcement!


@Johnksg, Guess I will be growing my beard back for the winter??? @GOBLIN I guess the grey never stopping with be a constant thorn in my side (every time I look into the mirror?) LOL


@Kona a great movie and a stroke of genius on your part sir!


@Kona, I am now on Netflix to get another ‘dose’ of the movie, ‘Unforgiven.’ Big smiles!


@Kona @Wedge @Boomchucker @Matt
I’ve been thinking about my title. I’m the dude so that’s what you call me, or duder, or his dudeness or el dude-orino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing


@flogrown this is not the work of rug pee’ers.


LMAO that’s a great one


“The Dude, his Dudeness, Duder, El Duderino”


I think that may be the longest title ever


@flogrown “El Duderino”


Works for me if you’re good with it


@flogrown that’s just like…your new title man.


Hahaha thanks hand over the ringer


@flogrown OVER THE LINE!!!



And isn’t it amazing. Subjects can be considered, decisions made, final approval submitted, changes implemented and completed, and it’s all just that easy.
No committee meetings, no feasibility and environmental impact studies, no party animosity and stonewalling.
In fact, if verified by @Kona, I don’t think even a single piece of paper was used. LOL
What a concept!!


@Flogrown And P.S. Congratulations on the new title Kenny.:+1::smiley:


Nice. It totally abides with the dude. :+1:


Dear Marine,
While I respect your actions on land and during conflicts I get a different picture of you other than big brother when you come aboard my submarine and we submerge! That big strong brother seems to wither into a different person somewhat more timid!
We bubbleheads understand the situation as we would not swap places with you and become a target as you often do!
We still respect you and enjoy calling you brother in arms.
“ Chief”


@PhilOwens we have an entire thread on this discission…but since you brought it up I will respond.


Just the idea gives me the willies.

+1 for Navy


@Johnksg It most surely takes a specific and unique individual, to be capable of filling those shoes and fulfilling the requirements that come with them. :bowing_man:
Not a crew that can be selected and assembled from the morning “Home Depot” pool.


Okay, so… Dudette. Done. :wink: