M*CARBO Brotherhood

Level 3 Member Announcement!


@Johnksg here ya go brother, with yer “cuddly” self


Congrats to @Johnksg for being the first level 3 user to get a unique title. Way to go Mr. Cuddles! :joy::joy::joy:


@Kona my son is already cracking jokes about “Mr. Cuddles” being armed to the teeth and carrying a shotgun. My wife is no help, she suggested sewing that as a name tag on my body armor and field gear! :joy:


@johnksg a good nickname should burn fear into the hearts and minds of thine enemy! You’re on the right path! Hahaha


@Kona like liam says… “Its all fun and games until Mr. Cuddles comes for you!”


@Johnksg SQUEEZE ME PLEASE… come on and squeeze me like you do EVERYONE !!!


M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)

@lonewolf now that is just plain disturbing on sooo many levels brother! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Besides I am not a lil feller…if I squeeze you then your gonna stay squoze!

But it would make a great name for the villain in a horror flick!



@Johnksg Your concern of me being ‘demented’ should put your mind at rest now??? I gave you Cheryl Crow’s version. And being a ‘manly man,’ she is pleasant on the eyes as well? Enjoy the video, my friend! @Kona, Thanks for having the ‘faith’ in my abilities… Big smiles!

M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)

@lonewolf you have a dark and twisted mind my brother! :dizzy_face:


@Johnksg Just tryin’ to share the love??? smiles


@GOBLIN Please correct my song link. Apparently I am having major issues getting it straight … Talking about being ‘twisted???’ Mad laughter!


@lonewolf your link is broken. Make sure the link is correct and retype it


@Kona. I have chosen 3 subsequent ‘broken links?’ I was finding it difficult to believe it… I will try skipping a larger number of videos in between and see what happens. I don’t seem to be having the luck/skill to accomplish my goal today? Just one of dem’ days, I guess? LOL


this the one you after lone wolf?


When are we going to see pictures ?


@Turmeric1 of name tags on my gear?

Never! I already know my own name! Lol


Yeah, the wife called me into supper while I was finishing up! LOL


@godallmighty, I cannot imagine being labeled ‘the duck of death?’ How in the ‘world’ have you or others done so??? Curiosity has choked my cat from within! Laughing. I wonder what our beloved brotherhood will have in store for me when/if I reach my next level? Mindboggling adventure… PROCEED WITH CAUTION!


@lonewolf his name is Howard. Howard the Duck is a Marvel comic book character. A member suggested calling him The Duck. I suggested “The Duck of Death” which is from the movie Unforgiven. The rest is history.


@Kona Sorry, I couldnt connect the referenced DOTS, if I may. I did see Unforgiven, but had not remembered ‘The Duck of Death.’ I guess I will have to get on Netflix? Thanks for ‘the homework!’ Laughing