M*CARBO Brotherhood

Level 3 Member Announcement!


@KM55 only if you think you can! :grin:

I can poke fun at myself as well as others…I think this is funny!


@Johnksg Don’t look at it as an up or down vote. Not good or bad. Oh wait you are a Marine. Think of it as we are helping you find your place in the universe . :eye: I saw the picture, Mr Cuddles you’re not. :grin:


@godallmighty that was last summer, still look the same. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay my brothers lead me to my place in the universe. Just remember…it goes both ways! :grin:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I cant even hahaha


@Kona thats okay we are gonna have a poll for @godallmighty name next…I got some ideas and helpful suggestions!:smiling_imp:


That’s why I didn’t say he was cute and cuddly because I didn’t want to be asked how I knew. Seems I’m missing something.lol


@KM55 who needs a card? besides the man doesn’t have to say he’s the man…he just knows he is lol


Lil snow on the mountain eh John? 2nd on the “cuddles”

i cant say crap, its goin grey, but it aint going away yet…


@GOBLIN Buck you just made me crack up👍


Sorry guys I messed up this whole thing trying to move it and free up the forum updates thread. My bad my blunder.


@Kona It’s all good brother


@GOBLIN besides…real men have beards! :+1:


@Goblin The grey starts then never stops :joy:

Mine is ALL grey now


@godallmighty @GOBLIN

We need a thread on the best beard pic!

(So far Howard is winning)


something about gettin up early and putting a piece of razor sharp cold steel against my own throat, ,before coffee than never really appealed to me…


@Johnksg So Are we going for the best Silver Fox Look or What ? Most Grey and White ?


@DivaMarie I really didn’t think of any criteria…sounds like a job for YOU!:grin:


@GOBLIN Myself it was all the Dry Shaves and Push Up’s and the 5 mile Runs in Boot Camp.
for a Shadow’:sunglasses:


the EX asked me once , why i didnt use lather, Had just got in, and was peeling back out on a HOP south (Panama) had time for three hots and a cot. was shaving ,. told her 99% of the time didnt have the time or supplies, you dont miss what you dont have, you adapt.
sides, i was doing a “hollywood”, had a mirror and hot water…


@GOBLIN When I did and do decide to shave’ Ive been using a brush to shave since Nam’ never used Shaving Cream in 70 Youth’