M*CARBO Brotherhood

Level 3 Member Announcement!


Brotherhood i have an exciting announcement to make!

To add some fun and incentives to ranking up your trust level, we are going to add a new feature for trust level 3 users and hopefully give lower ranking members something to work towards.

Trust level 3 users will now be able to request to change their title under their user name to something fun and unique instead of it just saying “member or regular.”

Some caveats up front. It goes without saying but your title can not be anything vulgar, obscene, harassing, etc. You will need to make a request to a moderator in the “Level 3 members lounge” before it is approved and the moderator changes it for you.

The level 3 members lounge can be found under the “categories” tab for those who don’t know.

An example would be:

Mean Marine

Please think long and hard about what title you want because the mods are not gonna entertain changing it every five seconds. Whatever you pick you’re gonna be stuck with for a while.

Have fun with this and continue being an awesome brotherhood!

New Moderator(s) & Forum Updates/Rules PLEASE READ!

@Kona ouch ouch ouch! I will have you know I am sweet and cuddly like a new born puppy! :grin:


@Johnksg. sir, sexy talk might be more appropriate in a private room altogether??? lol BTW, once I make THE LOUNGE, is it non smoking? Cause if it gets too hot, I may have to take up vaping? lmao


@Johnksg I think yours should be “sweet and cuddly” Shall we take a poll?

  • yes
  • no

0 voters


@godallmighty hahaha I couldn’t help but vote yes!


I find that hard to believe, since your a Marine.


But i bet you are petty a pussy cat ?


See @Johnksg I am on your side. Pie and ALL!.


@godallmighty Oh my! How did I get myself into this? :astonished:


Why vape, you trying to hide something ?


Maybe with your hands in your pants?




@Johnksg Because your sweet and cuddly ?:innocent:


@godallmighty Yup…very sweet and cuddly!:grin:


@Johnksg Well “sweet and cuddly” sounds better than just "sweet " :wink:


@Turmeric1 Doubt it… Playing with my guns too much… Wife gets annoyed when I bring another toy home… :confused


Hahaha this is too funny I don’t know about cute and cuddly, I would hate for someone to ask me how I know


@Flogrown looks like the vote is going against me…my wife and son suggest Mr. Cuddles! Lol you know I kinda like it :joy:


@Flogrown How do ya know? lol


Are going to have to pull your man card?