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Left Hand Safety

Did anyone besides me find that the safety on the Sub 2000 is for lefties?


I get what you’re saying, it is a little different at first because it is a cross bolt type of safety. Normally you would find that type of safety on most shotguns and many hunting rifles. And typically you would push it with your right index finger, from right to left to disengage. However, most AR’s and other PCC’s have the safety located on the left and it is manipulated with the right thumb. I too was a bit surprised they didn’t use a lever type safety, but the cross bolt is likely much easier and cheaper to build.


After using an AR I found it easy enough to use. Just hit it with my thumb and it’s good to go.

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I am ‘one of those’ left handed dominants that have to stand in a right handed stance!!! In martial arts it ‘scares’ ones opponent when they get a ‘jab’ from the dominant hand… However, shooting is a challenge due to a ‘weaker’ eye! So I guess ‘fine tuning’ my vision for exceptional marksmanship is out of the question? Being ‘just good enough’ is hard to swallow at times! I wish the right handers of the world would be a ‘little’ more tolerant in design… Lol

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