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Lead ammo problem!

All Things SUB-2000!
So I shot lead amo through my sub and it did not like it at all! It cycled and shot fine but bib not group at all! Does anyone else run in to this with your 9mm sub! Also what ammo has everyone found to shoot the best? FMJ and Hollow point also weighs?


@69Goat I have been using Blazer Brass 115 and 124 FMJ and it seems to work very well. Also used some Fuiocciocia 115 FMJ with good results.


So far everything I’ve used but the lead worked great! I’m just trying to squeeze alittle more out of it and try to keep price down at the same time!


@69Goat Blazer Brass around me goes for $8.50 a box of 50 when it’s on sale. You can get it on line for around $163 for 1000


Big fan of both of these, Blazer has been my go to for 9mm. Good value IMHO and I’ve had no ammo related issues.


Blazer and Federal 124 have done well without issue.
i have been thinking about trying lead ball


Try the lead your gun might like it better then mine did! Around here I need to shop some more but its averages around $18 to $19 for 100! But I would like to shoot some heavier bullets through it!


Black powder cast boolets, we been coating em powdercoat,/cermacoat /molycoat, you push lead to fast it tends to tip scuff, and keyhole on a conical shape. plus lead fouling and other considerations.
this guy can explain it better than i can. I know for a fact, on black powder, using knurlled buffalo boolets, coated my distance groups are way tighter with than without. I imagin more so pronounced on a firearm using smokeless at greater speeds…


SELLIER&BELLOT https://www.outdoorlimited.com/cart.php
EXCELLENT ammo and no leading issues.


I dont like using lead for those reasons! They shoot fine out of my pistols! It must be the extra barrel length push them past their speed threshold. The only reason I have these is my dad reloaded 2 or 3 hundred of them about 10 years ago! Lol! So I’ve been burning them up. As far as black powder goes I’ve always been a patch and round ball guy myself! Lol! Thnks for the info!


I used FMJ 115g, worked great!!


Nothing I have outside of the AR likes lead cased ammo. I shoot professionally loaded ammo from AmmoBiz in my SUB. 115 FMJ and it works great.


Yeh I just had some reloads my dad did some 10yrs ago! Lol! And there was about 200 rounds of it! It shot fine out of my pistols but not so much though the carbine! The FMJ round (reloads also 10yrs old lol)shot great though the sub! So I’m just not going to shoot lead at all and if I do it will be primarily for the pistols! I will be checking out AmmoBiz! Thank you for that!


Ah, yes. The “back in the old days” prices. :worried:

@Turmeric. It’s broken, cart is empty.