LCP Trigger Reset Issues

Hello all. I am new here and did use the search function with nothing found before posting this.

I just installed the LCP I trigger, trigger spring kit, SS guide rod, and takedown pin. I really like the feel of the trigger, but I am having issues where it does not reset fully when I rack the slide and release the trigger.

I watched the videos on YouTube several times to make sure I was making the install correctly. I think the overtravel screws are adjusted to a point where they are not the issue. If I let off the trigger before the slide cycles, it does reset more reliably. However, this is obviously not realistic. I have not had a chance to try the firearm at the range.

The trigger does not reliably reset after dry firing, racking the slide, and releasing the trigger, even when I let my finger completely off the trigger. My immediate idea is to reinstall the stock trigger return spring and see if that helps. I was also curious if another MCARBO return spring might be needed.

I have already reached out to MCARBO regarding this. I would like to get it out to the range and see if I have the same issue.

I apologize for having to set my phone down in between dry fires to rack the slide and for the randomness/mess in my basement, but here is a link to a video of the problem:

Any and all ideas are welcome. I plan on trying to put in the stock trigger return spring to see if that fixes the issue later on tonight. I’m not opposed to this notion anyway, since I really do like the trigger, but also wonder if it might be a touch light for my tastes considering my application of the LCP being pocket carry. A little more resistance on the pull might not be the worst thing, and especially if it solves this issue for me.

I should also add that the trigger bar and the aluminum frame are lubricated, so I doubt it is a friction issue between the two.


I’m having the same issues. Did returning the stock spring fox the issue for you?

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