LCP .380 Upgrades

Well as my story goes, work up a LCP .380 my first of MCarbo, I have found some after market kits for others from others, those did nice I have carried this LCP since 2019 well I have always wanted the better trigger, good gun it does fit my needs, I can get away all day carry without alerting anti-gun nuts. But does need a better trigger. So a trip to MCarbo $70 I got a kit trigger, springs, mag release, guide rod. I will post more when available


Welcome to the show @gun-fiddler

Post some shots of that puppy and let us know about it and you!



Original LCP or LCP II?


It is the LCP 1, I think I got it a day or so before the II release, was told they were on the way out, was also informed it is the “Glock Bladed” I hate those style of triggers. Give me that pirate hook over the blade style all day long. Make no sense pulling a “trigger” to pull a “trigger”. That is just me


OOOH YES that is my goal over all


I set a reminder for May,1 I am awaiting the parts Think I ordered 4-19-22…


I’m also a long time fan of the LCP. Since the first generation. Ankle rig or pocket J holster. Super easy to conceal.

I put the Galloway trigger on when it became available but that really doesn’t lighten the pull. Just reduces travel.

I am not a fan of modifying EDC triggers. There’s not much you can do for the LCP trigger-wise. You might consider a different pistol.

If you do change the springs, be sure to test the Hell out of it with all the ammo you currently feed it. Good luck and post your results!


Definitely will do. looking forwards to the rebuild and testing


4/30/22 18:25 I have it all together, all upgrades installed, I will make 2 suggestions 1) Get over to and Purchase another firing pin $8 well worth the investment. (yes I did find the other.) 2) A lap top carrying case to work in, well if a grip slips and a spring pops in a laptop case it is captured. OVERALL: Totally worth the time thus far will get a test fire in 5/1/22 Build itself with just the one loss of the firing pin (which was found later) Relatively as easy as the video lays out. YES will post photos with my next update on the actual functionality over all.

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LCP Original I believe it might be. It is a second generation no dash model