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Last Man Standing


Finally back with new Episodes. Who’s a fan? Just got done watching the season premiere on FOX. Glad it’s back missed it.


big fan of Allen - but have to be honest, have never seen a single episode - maybe i’ll start watching!

(don’t really watch TV, aside from some MLB.tv streaming - we cut the cord, but do have Roku)

on the Gulf of Mexico


You know convicted drug dealer tim allen


He s a funny guy enjoy the comedy


Loved it. They held nothing back on the show being cancelled which was hilarious. They’re going to have a lot more leeway on Fox. :+1:


Who cares. He did his time and “paid back society”. He’s funny and he’s one of the few outspoken conservatives in showbusiness. Good enough for me.


You should watch it. We really enjoyed it before it was cancelled and really liked the new episode last night on the new network (Fox). They weren’t shy about showing and talking about guns throughout the series. In a few episodes in the early seasons, they had an AR right by their coat/umbrella rack at the front door. Mike (Tim Allen) has a framed classic 1911 in his home office and his boss at Outdoor Man has a rack of full auto goodness mounted on the wall in his office. Plus, they show the gun counter/rifle rack in the store plenty of times. :grinning:


I love that The guy was black balled but he’s still here. Got to drive em crazy well played Fox


Ya Gotta Watch! My Favorite Just Great off the Wall, ‘‘One Liner’s’’ Comedy ! :rofl:


I am a big fan…not so sure about the new “Mandy” though.


Yeah I wasn’t to happy with that either really dumbed down her role


@Doitsouthstyle “dumbed down?” That was the whole point! Lol


I thought the new Mandy did a pretty good job of channeling the old one. Now, the blimped up oldest daughter was/is terrible. She’s nothing like the original. Interestingly, the two Mandy actresses both have the same first name of Molly, which is a pretty uncommon name these days. Weird. LOL


Yeah, she needs to step away from the cake and doughnuts!


seen a couple of episodes of this liked it is there a box set to be got


@hunter1916 Yes there is boxsets available. Ebay, Amazon, best buy etc. All have the sets in stock.


thanks for that jeremy