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Lasers on pistols

Just got my laser/flashlight attachment for my glock19. For everybody out there that use them. What is the best way to calibrate them. I have not shot with it on the 9 yet. I just basically put the laser a little under my sights. Is that going to work or am I way off on this.


If your sights are zero’d, it should work. It is essentially the same procedure as zero’g your sights . Dot on target is your point of aim. Fire. Observe point of impact deviation from your point of aim. Adjust laser accordingly. Repeat until your Point of impact aligns with your point of aim.


My method is laser the range you prefer for defense ( 7 yds is mine) & I cut the laser dot in half with the top of the front sight. Not saying this is the best just saying this is my method . Then take it to the range with the ammo you plan to carry for any corrections.


I zero lasers at 10 feet for defensive guns, shoot 3 round groups and adjust after each group.


Both sets of sights should be zeroed separately. Calibrate and adjust the laser just as you would a scope or a red dot. Fire several shots to establish a grouping and adjust the dot until you are hitting center of bullseye. Both sights should be set for the distance you will most likely be using the gun. You decide, 10yds, 25yds, whatever. Remember your open sights are on top of the barrel and the laser on a pistol is typically just under the barrel, so the distance between them is going to be about 1 1/2 to 2in. So at very close distances, say 5 to 10 ft the impact points of each will be that far apart. They will converge at the distance you have zeroed them for, beyond that you will start to see separation again. For general defensive purposes either sight will pretty much keep all shots in the “kill” zone. For more precise shot placement, as with any firearm, you need to practice at varying distances to know your aiming points.