Laser sight for revolver

Not sure if anyone has ever asked/talked about this topic but I searched and didn’t find it so wanted to ask. I have a S/W .38 SPL + P 442-1 revolver and was curious if anyone has an opinion about using sights on revolvers and if so, maybe a couple of recommendations on ones for my model. I use it for my main CCW and of course the range so any advice would be much appreciated.



Crimson Trace LG-105 grip laser. My dad has this on his 642. Shouldn’t interfere with any holster. Paint and squeeze…doesn’t get any easier.


Awesome thanks! I saw this one and was just a little hesitant to “pull the trigger” because I wasn’t sure it was a good one but this definitely helps.


Crimson Trace, Excellent laser. I put it 1 on a .38 Taurus & 1 on a S&W precision center .38.


You won’t regret it. I have them on three pistols (.380, .40 S&W and .45 ACP). Register it with CT and they’ll automatically send you a battery every year at no cost.


I have one on my S&W Governor, it has been flawless since I put it on five years ago.


Like the larger size CT #LG-305 grip on my S&W J frame. Adding a laser to any firearm for self-defense/home protection is a valid option for seniors. However, I registered with CT, and never got any batteries from them. Even contacted them but got no real explanation why.

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Put a laser on a 1 7/8” snubby for a client. In single action mode, 25yd “head” shots were a breeze. Could see the bullet flying, if the shadows were right. As long as there is some rifling, a grip and a consistent trigger, a laser will make easy hits on target.


I also have a crimson trace grip laser on my 642. Same as your revolver just a different finish. It’s been on for almost ten years and the laser is still dead on. as a bonus, the grip is much more comfortable than the factory grips.



Sorry you’re having trouble with CT. If you haven’t already done so, set up an account on CT’s site and re-register the laser. Can’t hurt to try.