Laptop Bag or Non-Tactical Backpack with Red Dot Mounted?

Hey Guys,

I am new here. I just got my first Sub 2000. Ordered from MCARBO with several options including the Optic Mount. I really like the gun and the mount. But I was planning to use a 17" laptop bag to carry it. Worked great until I mounted the red dot. Now it is too thick.

I could get a quick release, but that adds more height, and it adds one more step if I need the gun quickly.

What would you suggest? A backpack? I am considering a 5.11 COVRT18 2.0 Everyday 32L Backpack. It does not look too tactical, but I’m not sure if it is big enough.

I read one thread on here about cases, and the post on MCARBO about best case. Just looking for the best solution.


I often carry mine in a Dell backpack with my laptop.
Plenty of room for the gun with red dot, charger, etc.
And spare mags in the outer pocket.

I don’t have it with me on this trip or I’d post a pic.


Welcome aboard. I also carry discreet. Been doing it since my currier duties in the MIL. I occasionally carry my Springfield Armory soft bag as a lunch bag. It does have an executive ice scraper and a utility blade locking folding knife. But for the most part it carries lunch supplies and pens and a ruler. It screams gun, therefore it doesn’t carry one. I use outdoor style backpacks, sports bags, and musical instrument bags. I have on occasion carried a full length rifle in a guitar bag. I doubt I would use a discreet bag from any of the well known tactical companies. On my way to church now. I am armed and so are numerous others, to include an associate pastor. We have teams and drills. We also check each other’s conceal ability. Nobody carries a bag or pack advertising 2A known suppporters.



Check this thread for lots of discussion on the issue and some good ideas.

How Do You Carry Your S2K? - SUB-2000 - M*CARBO Brotherhood (


New to the forum this morning. Recently acquired stock Sub 2000. Ordered, received and installed all of the upgrades from Mcarbo. Incredible service, quality and installation videos. Did all in around 4 hours. Went to local 5.11 store and acquired an Overwatch Messenger “Laptop” bag ($105.00). Perfect fit for the Sub (with full sized muzzle brake) with mag compartments for the standard 15 and 33 round Glock mags as well as for the Holosun Red Dot Sight while it is not mounted on the Optic Mount.


Welcome aboard Patriot2. You definitely have found a great place to express your freedoms. Any pics on how your 2000 bags up?


Will send some when I get a chance later today.

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I just got my Sub 2000 a month ago and carry mine in a cheap string backpack I got at the last church retreat. It doesn’t offer much protection for the optic but I can fit the gun,optic, half a dozen mags and a spare box of ammo. BTW my 1st post of what may be many.


You are precisely on the right track!! The sub hides with its unconventional shape. I really doubt anyone who wasn’t directly looking for you with the Sub would even look twice. Welcome aboard.