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KT No Longer Installs M*CARBO Trigger Parts?


Does Kel-Tec actually stock MCARBO parts or do you have to order them first and send them in with the rifle(s)?


I don’t believe that they stock the parts at Kel-Tec…yet anyway.

I followed the instructions here: https://www.mcarbo.com/kel-tec-installation-service-for-m-carbo-parts.aspx

and shipped the guns and the parts that I purchased from MCarbo in the same box along with that “order form”.


Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that both my rifles arrived today and everything (including the trigger parts) was installed as expected!


Been catching up on my reading and this thread in particular seems to have folks in a tizzy. :grin:

Look it is pretty standard in the industry that a tier1 manufacture will NOT cover or install aftermarket parts, this KT/MCARBO deal was kind of an exception.

Lots of things can void your warrantee…take your weapon to a gunsmith who is not certified by the manufacturer…VOID. Cerakote or change the finish on your weapon…VOID. Put in an aftermarket part…VOID. Use hand loads…VOID.

Basically outside of the boutique weapons manufacturers any customization or alterations to your weapon can void the warrantee. It has been this way forever.

I honestly think Chris’s videos are his greatest product! :grin:


aint that tha truth John, never used a warranty, not even on a transmission i blew up racing when i missed a gear and sent a centerforce clutch in pieces thru the roof.
cut/grind/weld/ repeat as necessary always stood me well.




Well Buck, maybe Kel Tec will become a little more ‘sensitive’ to the customers’ needs. There are too many aftermarket companies that are reaping HUGE dividends because of the firearm industry being too tough with their warranties! That is why there should be NO SURPRISE that M*CARBO was able to wrangle such a partnership with Kel Tec ‘bolstering a long awaited shift in attitude towards customer service!’ @ChrisNelson


I couldnt agree more. My dad swears that by the time i was big enough to pick up tools i was taking things apart just to see how it worked and/or modify it. Sometimes id screw up, but i did learn. Im almost 60 now and still love to tinker. I was hesitant to do my S2K at first, but after polishing the feed ramp, took a couple hours doing that and an hour assembling all the trigger modifications it worked like a charm. I now keep spare parts with me when carrying my S2K fully confident i could make field repairs if needed. I get a lot of satisfaction in doing stuff myself.


That’s a huge feeling. Like when you replace a timing belt in an engine for a couple hundred bucks and the dealer said it would be over a grand and you can’t even trust their work. :+1: