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KT No Longer Installs M*CARBO Trigger Parts?


I hear you. I think KT would realize it would be bad business to make an issue of this. So in plain terms they would warranty it but not explicitly say they would. That’s exactly how Ruger has been conducting their service policy.


I hear ya. Some guys make it seem so easy, I gave it a whack myself (fail!) so I limpdonked my “S2k In A Baggie” over to a local gunsmith to do it or me. It’s perfect now.:+1:


“An issue was brought up on the MCARBO forums that Keltec will no longer be offering installation services of parts order from MCARBO.Is this true? Just wanted to verify before I make an order on the trigger kit myself to have it all installed. Thank you for the information.”

"We are still installing the parts from MCARBO we just have a little hold up on installing “trigger groups only” and that is for all firearms and aftermarket triggers, not just MCARBO. "

This guy is quick on emails. From Sean.


So this is a “false alarm?” Not sure what that email is saying …


Edited my post so you know what I sent. I asked exactly what was reported originally here. I guess maybe they’re behind on a lot of things or with the MCARBO prep installation services are just on hold perhaps? I’m thinking the 1-2 weeks turn around is a bit more now?


I see your point. I don’t have as much confidence in KT assembly and quality control as others. My sub came with the front sight not aligned properly and near as I can tell, this is a common error for the last 9 months. I actually think the probability of the trigger upgrade being done correctly is higher if I do it vs KT, but that’s just me. The good news is S2K’s are easy to sell.


@Aravena this is Super Bowl week for Kel Tec and many other gun companies. Shot Show takes a lot of time and attention away.


if you re read the OP, me, you’ll see that KT CS received an advisement from managers that a/o last friday, NO aftermarket triggers were being done any further; not just mcarbo.

(fyi, sean told me that all was fine, and to send it in.

scott, otoh, told me of the change in policy; thankfully, i had not already sent it in.)


Seems like it’s a “he said she said” on this. Think we’ll have to wait till things settle down from shot show for them to unify their response


Keltec just posted this on Instagram. See?!


Actually that’s not what it said. You posted, “as of 1/11/19 KT said” nothing about advisement or managers. You also said KT which is not a person but said Sean said it was good so I emailed him to confirm and again, nothing about what you said was mentioned, things were just delayed which is cool but nothing about stopping installation of said parts.

As for everyone else replying, again, nothing to do with anything in the OP which is. “they were no longer installing MCARBO or any aftermarket triggers.”

Right now if Sean says he’ll do it, cool, which is what I got. Turn around isn’t an issue especially since I can hand deliver and pickup but aside from that, stopping it altogether is a totally different thing which is what this is about.


i’m still relatively new here, so i don’t know if either KT or Mcarbo read this forum…

but either could easily clear this up.

i’m very interested in having KT install an Mcarbo trigger kit but scott said that they would no longer do that.


From what I understand they still will but it is a long wait time to have it done. It is actually a very easy and straight forward instillation. Watch the video before you install it and have it playing while you do and it takes about a half hour.


Watch the MCARBO videos and read the thread
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It really is pretty easy. @ChrisNelson made a great video with a lot of detail. I’ve done it twice (once for initial trigger parts install and again later when the trigger bar came out) and it didn’t take that long. Got everything back together correctly on the first try both times. :+1:


I hope you’re right, Wedge. I’m waiting on (hopefully) another 20% off sale to jump on to all the internal stuff done at once. (I didn’t jump on it last time like an idiot). I was thinking about spending the $40 and just have KT do it, but that’s looking sketchy now. Might have to give it a go myself.


Meh, don’t care about the wait, I’m not doing it myself. lol


I just opened my sub back up to install the trigger bar and found a silver screw pin in it (I have all the internal M Carbo parts) and of course it was stripped. Also I damaged the Mcarbo feed ramp pin myself by pulling on it with pliers. So I ended up having to order another set…


I just finished installing the Mcarbo trigger upgrade kit, upgrade trigger bar, and stainless feed ramp yesterday. I watched the video several times, then followed along as I installed the parts. It was more difficult then I thought it would be.

I finished the installation the first time, and used the dowel to depress the hammer, but couldn’t get the hammer to stay down, so I started over. After finding no problems and re-assembling, I used more pressure on the dowel and the hammer clicked into place. This was after two hours total of “fun”. I did the checks and everything seems to work properly, and I will test fire the S2K as soon as weather permits.

One really nice thing about doing the installation myself is that I now have a working knowledge of the parts, how they interact, and I would not be afraid to take my S2k apart again should it need future repair or upgrade parts. I am not particularly good with mechanical things, but I really like knowing how things work.

I think the upgrades and the time spent getting to know the inside workings of the S2K was well worth the effort and just a bit of frustration.


I have 2 sub 2000’s coming back tomorrow from Kel-Tec that they were going to install nearly every MCarbo product in. I shipped the guns on the 18th after speaking with Sean at Kel-Tec the week prior and he said they would install everything in addition to their heavy bolt. I’ll report back if they leave something out but they have had them for a couple weeks just like Sean said they would so I expect that everything is installed and GTG.