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KT No Longer Installs M*CARBO Trigger Parts?


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i talked w KT about a problem i was having and asked about an Mcarbo trigger installation, and they said that a/o 1/11/19 they were no longer installing mcarbo or any aftermarket triggers.

are folks aware of this? does anyone know why? does it have to do with trigger kit performance/problems?

one beauty of this was that one could maintain the KT warranty and do this for an amazing $40!

i wonder if Mcarbo would comment on this?



I would assume it’s because KT and MCARBO have formed a partnership where KT has agreed to bring a certain amount of fully MCARBO loaded factory subs to market called the M-Series.


aha, that makes sense, though it’s a shame from an aftermarket perspective



I hope they don’t up and decide our warranties are now void if we have MCARBO parts installed and send something in for repair.


@Wedge I would think if a KT part fails then KT would cover that part and if a MCARBO part fails then MCARBO would cover their part. If KT does not fix or cover a Sub with MCARBO parts in it then put original KT Sub parts back in before sending back to KT. Just my thoughts on that.


I know all about that. Many of us do after having to send our Gen 2 S2Ks back for the barrel recall. Thankfully, we could leave the MCARBO parts installed and no harm, no foul. Just hope that continues. Doing a full tear down to reinstall stock parts and then having to do it all over again after getting something fixed to reinstall the MCARBO parts would be a major PITA.


Wait, what!? I’m too late. Seriously, this is a bit overly depressing and changes half the reasons I got the gun. For realsies this changes a lot before I invest anymore.


i wish mcarbo would clarify:

i was under the impression that the KT warranty was voided if the parts were installed by anyone other than KT. is this not correct? can my own installed parts void the warranty?


That’d be shitty to the extreme and probably shy away from KT from now on. We selling full kits now so we’re not going to help you ironically install parts we put into our guns.


Let’s not jump the gun here (no pun intended)…

As of today, Kel-Tec does NOT void the factory warranty for correctly installed MCARBO parts done by the owner. All I said was I hope that doesn’t change in the future.


@aravena well they would be cannibalizing their own sales of the M-Series by offering installs of base models. I don’t think it’s a bad move on their part.


And, thinking about it, that’s actually a good thing. If Kel-Tec deems MCARBO parts to be worthy enough (and they most certainly are) to be factory installed before going to dealers, then the warranty shouldn’t be affected by owner installed MCARBO parts. Kel-Tec has always sold OEM parts to the general public and they’ve never had warranty issues with correctly installed stock parts by the owner. This should be no different.


They’re not though. People will get one with it anyhow or they won’t. People that already have a gun, like myself, are not going to sell it to buy this. Sure I’d love their new setup and would have waited, but now it’s doubling down for nothing. I wouldn’t do it to the scheme or just 'cause. Sucks since I literally just got this gun, got OT pay and was going to pick up the kit but now, well, I haven’t invested much and maybe no more. It’s sign to build an AR or find someone willing to install the parts for a decent price which would be hard to do.


I think ( as YOU are) and I would be wrong. Why are you making up a scenario that is not true.
Have you called KT to find out what is and what is not true ?

I had the full blown MCARBO parts package on my gun for the recall. I had NO issues from KT with it From them.


Huh? Literally what this whole thread is about is someone reporting it. Can’t call, at work so we’re discussing it and more less hoping others have recently done it or the mods know more. We’re not even talking about the same thing based on your last sentence. Nothing I’ve said has anything to do with coverage/warranty.


I think the right thing to do is KT continue this service, at a higher fee, that positions the factory mcarbo gun as a value.

Still gives KT a new model to sell, while preserving the install service to current owners.


I don’t mind the price, my biggest thing was warranty and reputable coverage. Anyone able to call and see if they get a similar answer? Gun show is coming up and instead of upgrading I’ll be selling.


I have 2 subs. Plan on buying 2 more. One M-Series and another i plan to keep foldable. I install my own parts anyway and if something in my control breaks, I’ll fix it myself. This is really a non-issue to me. Kel-Tec sells OEM parts so I really see no scenario where I would need to send my gun to them for repair.


The kit is a drop in, no fitting required. I didn’t find the installation difficult and I don’t have much experience either. I did have the sear spring go ballistic a couple of times and was lucky not to lose it but besides that, it was kind of fun. Watch the video a couple times before making your decision.


That doesn’t change my position. I’ve seen the video, I build computers, I just have 0 care to do this when I could spend $40 for someone else, a professional, to do it for me. While I can find another professional, just have to make that whole other warranty thing is covered but then again, be no different than me doing it I guess at that point. More of a comfort that KT is working on their own product oppose to some guy.