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KSG Performance

Noob here and as stated just got started in clays. Looked on the rack at the shotgun range and there is a KSG. Looked around thinking this is somebody’s prank but was wrong. Guys walk back from a round and the owner sees me looking at it and he and his bud start talking about it. In that conversation I hear, " and he shot a 22 and a 23 with that thing!" Now I’m a cherry and the wife has shot exactly one more round of trap and even she is waiting for the punch line. Verifiable with multiple witnesses basically stock KSG with flip ups shot these scores. I’ll be watching for a repeat performance.


@Carriec thats pretty unusual, from the factory the ksg is just cylinder bored and no choke. It sprays shot like water from a garden hose! Lol

Must have a choke adapter installed.

My favorite use of the KSG is shooting 1oz. slugs at 50-100 yards. Is surprisingly accurate and fun! (Pus it throws the AR guys for a loop when I do that…bonus!)


Unusual is a mildly descriptive term for what they were saying. That is why I am waiting to see it myself. Looking forward to it.


@Carriec wife is the clay shooter in the family. But most of them use O/U for sporting clays with a bazillion chokes! Lol

Skeet guys favor the single shots.

Hard to imagine a stock KSG having the pattern to hit anything with #8 shot past 15 yards?

I agree John , I just purchased A KSG as in California I had to put a closed Gas puck in my VEPR 12 . I spent a year converting it to a bullpup then I had to make it a single shot or register it as a AW . I love the KSG and wish I bought it earlier . I put a mepro red dot on it and its accurate as hell but after 100 rounds of 1 oz slugs a little wear on the shoulder . LOL


@CWOGMJ try the 1oz. Herter’s slugs you get 10 for $6. They are easy on the shoulder and accurate out to 100 yards!


The KSG doesn’t "spray. It will shoot one 12 gauge hole in your target if loaded with Federal Flite Control ™ ammo, as far out a 15-20 feet, and even past that distance the spread is small. With non-Flite Control Federal ammo, buckshot up close still groups in a small area - with Federal ammo, at least, which is what I shoot in a variety of styles (12 gauge #4 Buck, #1 Buck, 00 Buck and 000 Buck).

This surprised the heck out of me when I first shot Federals Flite Control 12 ga ammo. I thought I had missed the target and that the hole was made by the wad passing through. It turned out that in close, the loads don’t even start to spread until out around 10+ yards (30+ feet).

Some of the cheaper brands, like “Estate”, produce groups that open up, but the pellets still group together. They don’t spray all over the target.


I am shooting at ranges of 25 - 30 yards. At that distance with just a cylinder bore it pretty much covers an 18" x 30" target.

Thats why for competition we use a variety of chokes and barrels of 22 - 24" in length. :grin:

For that standard it does “spray” shot in a wide area. (Its a great slug gun though!)

But as a tactical shotgun with heavy shot and slugs at close range then in my opinion it is a winner! :+1:

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I should have been more clear. With the right ammo, my KSG, at least, definitely shoots tight groups. I should have said, “the KSG won’t spray with the right ammo.”

As a (now-former) police officer, I was taught that shooting buck beyond 25-30 yards meant you were lucky to get more than a couple of pellets on target, and were risking injury or property damage to anything beyond your target, due to the pellets spreading wider than the target. All of our shotguns were cylinder bore Remington 870s.

However, since I discovered Federal 12 ga ammo with the Flite Control wads, I know I can get all of the pellets on a B-27 target at 30 yards. Out of my KSG, I get an eight inch pattern with 00 Buck, six inch with the #1 Buck.

As I said, I was surprised, because I couldn’t get those tight groups using my KSG with Winchester or Remington, but did with Federal, which I started using in my 870s and my Beretta 1201FP3 a few years back.

Buy a couple of boxes of the Federal ammo with the Flite Control wags, John, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised, as I was. The only shotgun I own that is set up for screw in chokes is a Benelli Nova, which I only use to shoot at magpies, these days.

Thanks for making me clarify that. I’ll go back and explain myself better in my post.



@RegT One of the problems with this medium is things can come across in a manner we did not intend. The great thing with this forum is that folks are pretty polite and correct themselves. :grin:

I am sorry if I sounded like a “know it all” or that I was putting down the KSG. :scream:

I actually own four of them, gave one to my brother who is a rural sheriff deputy…I believe in them that much!

Usually I shoot 3-gun competitions, fast reloads, a variety of shell types with distances that can reach out to 75yards. For that I need an autoloader such as the Remington Versa Max Comp.

But if something goes “bump in the night” or I am out in the woods I am carrying a KSG! (A cylinder bore is just perfect for tactical applications)

I agree with you about Federals…elsewhere in this forum I have discussed the consistency of the Federal brand and why I use it pretty exclusively.:+1:

Just want to let you know I did enjoy reading your post and again I apologize if my answer came across wrong.


No problem, John. I often fall down on saying what I actually mean. As you say, it’s all OK because there is no reason to take offense on either side. Still, I like it when I’m shown that my message didn’t quite come through the way I intended, because I really want to be clear in my meaning. I also like it when I am reminded other folks have had a different experience than I have, so I can learn from that different point of view.

Now, if I could only catch myself before I make a statement as if it is undisputed fact . . . :wink:



@RegT You and me both brother!

I love the KSG…there is very little I want to see changed on it! (I think we are of the same mind on this?) :grin:

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“I am master of my words unspoken and slave to those that should have remained so.”

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True story, Red. Also remember:" It is better to be silent, and be thought a fool, than to speak- and remove all doubt."


I agree about the right ammo. I don’t have a choke on my KSG and I was able to hit 24 out of 25 the first time I ever shot clays 1 year ago with 7shot. Unfortunately I don’t remember the ammo brand nor the distance. However, I barely hit them and several required a second shot. So, it wasn’t pretty, but a W(in) is a W(in)!


Couldn’t have said it better myself! 50y is the furthest that I can hit the target everytime with slugs so far.


24 out of 25 the first time out is exceptional, even if a couple were nicked rather than broken.

We had a patrol sergeant who bet the lieutenant teaching our shotgun class that he could score better with an old Remington 870 out of a cruiser than the LT could with his expensive over/under. The sgt was a big guy, and he shot one-handed, arm fully extended, and dusted every clay (trap range). The LT missed a couple, and boy was he p*ssed. He was a big time trap and skeet competitor - this was before all the fancy clay games we have now - and owned fifteen or twenty very expensive over/under shotguns. :slight_smile:

If you can get on the clays quickly, an open choke works just fine, but I wouldn’t try it with Federal Tactical ammo, because it stays tight for a lot longer than most 12 ga ammo.


Poor LT. :joy: You’ll never see me attempt to shoot my KSG one handed! :scream:

You ain’t kidding about all the different clay games now. Honestly though, I don’t think I would fair as good at traditional trap. Plus, I’m not a fan of O/U shotguns.


I learned to shoot skeet on my very first gun, which was a Mossberg 500, with an 18" barrel and a cylinder bore barrel. I was breaking clays first time around, and continued on with it for many months until I got a bit more serious about it.

So, you can definitely play skeet with a KSG with the factory bore, it’s just a little harder. You can always get a choke adapter and put a proper choke on it, but it’s really not well-suited to the game. A light, short gun makes your swing speed harder to keep consistent. Inertia can really help your swing, which is why heavier, longer guns tend to be more popular in skeet (subject to as much variances driven by nothing other than style as women’s hem lengths).

My 500 wasn’t any better suited either, but I bought it for home defense, and wanted as much experience handling it as possible. Taking up skeet was just a way of getting the hands-on I wanted.


Federal Flite control or Hornady Versatite 00buck rounds - Tests I have seen on both show the pellets will hold a 9 inch pattern at 25 yds and a 12 inch pattern at 35 yds. I carry both in bandoliers for my tactical Rem. 870. Also have hollow point sabot slugs and BRI slugs for greater distance and penetration. One thing that will cause the pellets to “spray” all over the target is if you fire them out of a rifled barrel. The spin that is imparted creates centrifugal force which causes the load to spread outward. For that reason I use Rem chokes in modified for buckshot and switch to a separate “rifled” choke for slugs. I attached a small ballistic nylon flashlight pouch to the sling of my 870 so both chokes are always with the shotgun. Switching between them requires no tools and is a very quick process. Those buckshot rounds have great tactical applications. My set up is obviously not intended for hunting.