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KSG: I Messed It Up

looking for some advice, (besides “don’t mess with factory design.”) I changed the plastic followers to stainless steel ones, put on a muzzle brake; and now slide won’t lock forward, failure to feed and failure to eject shells despite racking it hard.


Reboot it back to 100% stock and see if it works. If it does, start by adding one part at a time and that includes the followers individually. Function check each step of the way.


@packrat before you do that, check to ensure you assembled the bolt carrier correctly with the lifter arms…it is possible to install in wrong position and if you do so with a lot of “force” you can damage those lifters!

Doing so will give you the exact problem you described. Neither a muzzle brake nor followers would stop the slide from going all the way forward.


thanks guys. i am piece by piece rebooting it, and Johnksg, the bolt carrier and lifter arms look good and seem oriented correctly. i believe the problem or at least part of the problem is related to the slide not engaging part 331, the outer cartridge catch well enough to allow a shell out of the magazine and into the lifter arms. silver lining to malfunction cloud is one gets to know the machine better.


@packrat well I am glad that wasn’t the issue. Your right about learning your weapon, I felt that way the first time I tore down the S2K! The good news is the KSG is a stone simple machine, and since you put on a muzzle brake that means you already have the only tool you need for it!

I am curious…why would you have disassembled the CTG outer catch? As long as your stop actuator is properly affixed when assembled in the tab then it should not be an issue.

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finally got it figured out. first objective was to install muzzle brake and stainless steel followers. as i was reassembling i didn’t get the receiver in the proper position. i left a 6mm gap between the receiver and the barrel. this leaves the outer cartridge catch too far back to be engaged by the slide, hence no cartridge released to be fed into the chamber. also the shell is too far forward to be extracted. now all i need to do is overcome the red thread lock i used on the muzzle brake. Thank you very much John and Wedge for helping me think it through.


@packrat 6mm? Thats a pretty big gap! (I can see how it could be done though, remember having to "finesse mine all the way home.)

Use a heat gun on red loctite to loosen it…or take it down to a tire shop and have them use an impact wrench! :grin:


will do. thanks, again!


Problem solved