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Ksg extended barrel option

Does anyone have experience with:


I wander if they would work on ks7

Looking for some input

I have the KSG and have been doing mods to it. While looking up info I did come across a forum that had your same question. The barrel nuts are different. But they have come out with barrel adapters for the KS7 contact Kel-Tec they can help you.

I went ahead with the hi tec barrel. Works fine. Thanks .

Glad you got it worked out. I absolutely love my KSG. How ya liking the KS7? I was thinking about getting one for a secondary home defence gun. The KSG fully loaded is a bit much for my fiancè wield confidently.

Well it took the place of my ksg. Only because its lighter easier to carry for long periods of time and with the extended barrel is very versatile while still being more compact than a mossberg 500.

It does kick a bit more than the ksg due to its light weight. I put the mcarbo slip on recoil pad and it made it much more comfortable. Of course the check pad is a must.

Some have teething issues until broken in.

Mine cycles mini shells no problem.

Research it thoroughly before you buy.

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Thanks for the info.

No worries . Happy shooting

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