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Bring back the breacher barrel


Sir, I was at a bit loss of what you are talking about here, until I watched the video.
Quite a bit of work and accessories required to upgrade to the Kel-Tec KSG Tactical Breacher Nut.
Would the upgrade be worth the time/cost/effort?


Its worth it. You only need the barrel nut removal tool and the discontinued breacher nut barrel.

I asked them for the schematics to cnc one they said no I asked them to make more they said no its pretty stupid.

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IMHO… You need the nut removal tool, no matter what…
I locked accordingly into a vice, with a helper supporting the firearm so it wouldn’t move, and went for the vice grips with cloth where it gripped as to not make to much damage. There is not enough tolerance/clearance to get the job done right.

So I sourced out the barrel nut removal tool of which was stamped out of a piece of steel (you could fabricate your own). Still to tight, so I added padding to the tool handle so that I could get a better grip. Then found out that the (in my case the chock tube receiver) similar to the Breacher Barrel. In my case (similar KS7) you might have fitting issues, either thread incompatibility when seating the Breacher Nut (be certain it seats with no space). I found this was a one time only attempt and will never take it off due to the amount of time/cost/finagling that was taken to make such an upgrade, and IMHO not that much of a useful item on a firearm that is made of >50% plastic and seem like it wasn’t made as a battering ram, but rather a close quarters defense weapon.
That’s all I got and I wish it was inspiring, but let us know how it works out.