KSG and Vortex spitfire

I was wondering if anyone has used a Vortex Spitfire on their KSG and or compared it with other optics. I’m not sure if it’s hearty enough for the recoil. Thanks all


I put a Spitfire to the test on an elephant gun. Customer request. Man was it fast to acquire. Also twice the energy of a 3” 12 gauge load. Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger. Probably one of the best optics for a tactical or dangerous game anything.


And if it breaks, it’s warrantied for life


I might know that Spitfire… :laughing:

Solid little piece of glass and, as @Savage636 noted, under a no-fault warranty until it’s essentially non-existent.


Actually the one you speak of is on a 300B that is 17-3/8” OAL in running order. It should have a comfortable life as a safe queen. I did get it broken in with 55rds of 150gr matchking. 1776fps with a 6” barrel. How about that for patriotic!! The first one went on a 12ga heavy rifle setup for 12ga FH Hubel style a while back. 50bmg brass with a threaded on rim, and straight walled to 3.5”. Looks like the 45-120s big brother. Throws a 750gr bullet at 2000 fps. Pacnor heavy barrel on a Savage 210. Not easy on optics or shooters.


Doesn’t do ya much good if it goes down in a real, actual time of need, though.

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