KSG Adhesive Cheek Pad

I was wondering if anyone tried applying the new KSG cheek pad to the Sub 2000 bolt tube cover for added padding? That bolt tube cover is just not enough for me. I’m wondering if I could trim it to size (because you know that Mcarbo won’t make one) and put it on the rubber cover, and will it hold at all? Anybody tried this already? If so what were the results? And if not, what are the brothers thoughts?


@Jperr I searched the entire world-wide-web and could only find a picture of this guy with one on a KSG. If we figure out who this is we can dox him and stalk him unti he is forced into fabricating one for S2K. He looks familiar, I think I have seen him on PornHub.
@ChrisNelson Do you know of anyone who is familar with this cheek pad? Or perhaps who this is…


I don’t like gluing things on my guns. It reminds me of those guys who put bras on their cars in the 1980’s. I also decline to apply sticky sandpaper products on the grip. Some will disagree.

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