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Ks7 with longer barrel

Am I the only one who thinks a 28 inch ks7 would be good in the field?

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the only down side to a 28" barrel, for field use would be the fact for deer or bird hunting,that you are limited to 3 shells. one up the pipe, 2 in the tube. so if ya used it for hunting it would have to be plugged to be legal. not somethin i agree with,at all, but something DNR enforces… they plug is usually a dowel, but it cannot be quickly removable. for it to be legit, shotgun has to be disassembled to remove it… :rage:

Well I figured in would give it a go. Hi tech has a ksg barrel extension. I purchased the 7.5. It came in today and yes the mag cap needed a bit more modification (filling) than the chole adaptor. Not much.
Now I have a sweet ks7 with 18.5 inch barrel and a 26 inch barrel. Dam this is going to be fun.
Here it is below next to my mossberg 500. The 500 shown has a shorter stock to give 13.5 inch length of pull. The ks7 has the kel tec extended but pad and choke adapter installed. The ks7 still comes in shorter. NICE!!!


I know this is an older thread but I’m a new KS7 owner and still learning. Does the longer barrel help with the recoil. 3" loads have a mule kick.

Never shot 3inch shells out of the ks7.

Silverback, My advice is NOT to use 3" shells. I shot a 1oz slug in a 3" shell and it was to much for me to control Comfortably. My cheek was on the cheek pad and I held the KS7 tight to my shoulder. I also had a folded towel stuffed between my hooded sweatshirt and tee shirt and the recoil was to much for me to want to do again. I next tried 00 buck shot in a 3" shell and that was to much. My max is 2 3/4" shell with 00 buck shot or 2 3/4" # 2 shot for home defense. 00 buck shot has (all approx’) 9 pellets, #1 buck shot 11 pellets, #2 shot 15 pellets. For Home defense a 3" shell is just to much. My Honest opinion…I have had my KS7 for less than 2 weeks and I HAD to prove it to myself. Now I know

That’s what I thought. That’s why I have never tried it. The ks7 is to light of a gun for.those shells.
I am stick to 2 3/4 or mini shells. More than enough power for me

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I wish I could find mini shells. If I find them I will also give my honest opinion but for now “If you can’t control it don’t hold it”.