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Kimber Ultra Carry II Crimson Front Rear Sight

I need a recomendation on a good front and rear sight for a Kimber ultra carry II crimson 45 cal
I am far sighted and can not see standard sight up close (arms length) with out my readers, that is why I bought a crimson carry. But I would like a front and rear sight that I could use if for any reason the laser did not work.

I have trijicon HD 1911 night sights on mine and love them! I’m not sure how they will work with being far sighted. Hope this helps

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Thanks, I will look them up and see what it is like…
I just can not make out the front blade in the rear sight with out glasses, and in a personal carry situation I might not get them to wait while I find my glasses…lol

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What kind of sights are you comfortable with? What color? You want a notched rear sight and a colored front sight? Night sights? Fiber optic? Be a little more specific and we can nudge you towards the right sights for you.

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Truglo TFX cover a lot of bases. Tritium, fiber optic and white outline on the front sight. I run them on my M&P. As the tritium in my 1911s fade - I will be replacing them with the TFXs.


The tfx looks real nice that is what I was looking for…thanks for the advice.

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Truglo tritium/fiber optic is what i put on my Glock 27 when I transitioned from my original gen 1 to a gen 4. The sights on my original Glock served me well when I carried it on duty for a number of years. I always qualified expert with it. However, I now have been retired 10 years and the old eyes ain't what they used to be. With the new Truglos I can pick up those sights faster than ever and still shoot a 100 percent score on my annual HR-218 LE retired carry re-certification. A great product and very affordable.
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I also use the TFX. the system is outstanding

Thanks…like that one

I have never used them myself but xs sights offer a Big dot option. Put the big dot front sight on the target and pull the trigger.