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Kimber micro 9 trigger

Newbie to the forum here. I purchased the M - carb trigger spring kit for the Kimber Micro 9 , and the installation was pretty simple and did reduce the trigger pull substantially. My question is, before the install, the pull weight was over 8 lbs. it was literally off the scale. After the install it dropped to about 7.5 lbs which is still a little heavier than I would like. I shoot a 1911partly for the triggers they have. Any more options to lighten the pull a little more? Thanks.


Welcome to the Brotherhood, Michael. Have you tried polishing the sear and hammer? If I remember correctly, that pistol is SAO, and a 7.5lb - or more - trigger pull is VERY excessive. I have a Sig P938 which is almost the same gun and its pull is 3lb 11oz. I wouldn’t want it any lighter. Yours is so heavy I wonder if something is binding. Have you asked your gunsmith about it?


Thanks for the response phuzzy42. I haven’t tried polishing the hammer or sear yet, not have I talked to a gunsmith yet. It doesn’t seem to be binding. Trigger is smooth with a definite wall and reset, just heavy! Might tear it down again and take a closer look though. Thanks!


Tried polishing sear and hammer, bent sear spring (done many times on full size and worked) to no avail. Down from over 10lbs to 8lbs. Just ordered complete spring kit from mcarbo, definitely looks like they are on right track. Combination of sear and hammer spring.


Welcome to the forum, Bob. Holy cow, that pull weight is enough to get a finger sprain. My P938 came out of the box at 3lb 11oz and that’s almost too light for me - I have to watch myself on reset so I don’t inadvertently double-fire. M*Carbo has a spring kit for the P938 (almost identical gun) but mine doesn’t need it. Good luck, hope you can get it down to a reasonable level - these guns are nice shooters and easy to conceal carry. Stout recoil but accurate.

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Is it a series 80, I can’t remember if they are or not. If it’s a series 80, you could convert it to a series 70 with an adapter plate from Brownells. That would drop a 1lb. or so off the trigger pull, but something else is probably going on. I would look at your internals for burrs and whatnot first. Sometimes, in a 1911 style pistol a simple machine burr in the trigger track will hose a perfectly good trigger setup.

I installed the kit in my micro 9 and it dropped the trigger pull from 8.3 to 4.1, I am very impressed!!