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Kimber Micro 9 Nightfall Spring Kit

Just bought a new Kimber Micro 9 Nightfall. I must admit I was caught off-guard how heavy the Trigger and Hammer Spring is.
So I, fortunately, found this lovely website M*CARBO and the very resourceful information here. Purchased the kit on a Sunday and was concerned about the shipping conveyance timing with all the COVID issues, however, I received my purchase within 10 days. Installed it in an hour or so, and off I go.
Wow-what a significant reduction in trigger and hammer spring force. Overall makes a completely new gun in action and feel.

I didn’t measure my before and after however, I can say it feels perfect, must be around a 50% reduction.

Thanks for the great product and overall resourcefulness!



It is like a new gun…I love mine now…Great CC Gun

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