Kimber Mako first impressions

Everyone can wait for Hickock to do his review, but here’s the Cliff Notes:

  • Well designed grip frame
  • Excellent trigger
  • CT RDS works great right out of the box
  • The slide and barrel design with a side ejection port and different style extractor seems to work fine.
  • Shoots like a dream, accurate. Recoil is a bit subjective and accuracy is more about the shooter than the gun. but I did it very well at 7, 15 and 25 yards and no prior experience with this pistol.

I don’t carry a scale around with me but it feels heavier in the hand than the P365 or Hellcat. Overall this is a pretty good gun among a crowded field of compact 9mm semi-autos. I seriously considered buying it but the range wanted $125 over MSRP. No way. He wouldn’t budge. So no sale.


I won’t even pay MSRP for a gun, let alone $125 over. I get that availability isn’t what it was 2 years ago, but there’s too many online dealers that are way cheaper. I like to support local shops, but I also don’t like to throw away money either. When I bought my CZ P10-C, the local gun shop had it at MSRP ($519 if I recall correctly). They wouldn’t budge. I found it online, shipped for $414.97. And a guy does transfers for $15 near me


Interesting review:


@Savage636 Yep. I question the logic of a local gun shop gouging customers on price due to the short supply. I’m all for capitalism and free markets, but screwing over walk-in customers who give you repeat business is very short-sighted. It drives people to online sales and the guy down the street who runs an FFL out of his garage and does transfers for 15 bucks.

I’m OK with paying a little more for the privilege of handling a new gun, being able to take it home that day and not having to waste time and money on credit card fees or shipping. But adding a 20% premium to MSRP or charging 45 bucks for a transfer… no way.


@MountainHunter Good review. The video pretty much validates my short list observations.

I have a love-hate relationship with Kimbers. I carried a Solo as my EDC for a long time in spite of its temperamental nature when it came to ammo. It worked reliably but only with 124 or 147 grain premium ammo. Loved the Micro-9 and also carried it often. The K6 revolver is without a doubt the highest quality small wheelgun I ever had.

I am a shorts and t-shirt guy all year long. I carry every day. When the compact polymer pistols all of a sudden got better in both 9mm and 380 auto and better ammo in those calibers arrived, metal frame pistols for EDC were forsaken.


I’m thinking of renting one at the local range. This one also interests me…of course with the RDS.

Still carrying the G26 Gen4…with O issues…just like to downsize in the summer.


I had a G27 for a while. I nicknamed it Stubby. A little heavy and thick by todays standards. But it ran great. Never had a complaint with it. I usually carried it in a Galco SoB holster. I took a lot of s__t from trainers and fellow pistol shooters about carrying small of back for EDC.


Squeeze your cheeks for more retention…

Though SOB carry “looks” better on a gal…



I like the second one best, Tex. I’d like to know where you got that photo of my wife.

Although less interesting than your examples, this was my rig. Allow me to confirm I’ve never used crack!

It took some practice but I got it down. Nobody could tell I was carrying. I never took the critics personally, but did observe that a lot of the guys who gave me a hard time about SoB were pear shaped and had a hard time reaching back to scratch their ass. It is my good fortune to have reached middle age and have no such issue with girth or agility. So far, anyway. :slight_smile: