Keltek PMR 30 22 mag pistol

Thinking about buying a NEW Keltek PMR 30. Are the new ones any more reliable than the older ones? Did they address any repetitive problems that would prompt companies like M*Carbo to sell “bundles” of parts to fix it?


Mine Is at mcarbo for upgrades. Won’t run more than 5 rounds before jamb. Performed every trick suggested till no advantage. Mcarbo will make it run. This is a great pistol, fun to shoot, very accurate, excellent home defense pistol. The whole family can shoot it comfortably I’m a fan of Kel tec products, p17 on order from RK, p3at shoots great after return to Kel Tec for upgrades.


@Powerplantman Have 4 of the KelTec PMR 30 & I use Hornady Case Lube on all Rounds before loading,this was Suggested to me by the Designer and Builder of the 22 TCM’ 1911 Rock Island.
And of Course Proper loading of Magazine,Always have first round up on left side of Opening for Cycle of the same, Had few problems or issues doing this, Along with a few parts recall from Kel Tec which was not aware of till I sent mine in for a Barrel Block Issue.
Of Course all the M*Carbo Updates, Thank God The Boss/Chris Listens to the Troop’s B**chs and Complaints :joy: Here and is Always on Top of it.
Have not been able to find a P17 for over 2 years@ Sportsmens Ore House, You love it No Problems with it.


I also find that Case Lube used sparingly greatly improves feeding of my finicky.22 handguns.