M*CARBO Brotherhood

Keltec Sub 2K Cheek pad

I bought the cheek pad but it seems to me to be so thin that it really doesn’t help much if at all.I’ve removed it and applied self stick neoprene that gives much better cushion to my cheek.


The bolt tube covers are thin for a couple reasons.

  1. Gotta get your face low to line up irons - thinner allows lower.
  2. Anything thicker than the available covers impedes folding or locking folded.

Hopefully you don’t need to disassemble again, 'cause it won’t be fun getting the castle nut past the glued in place padding.


It was just quick experiment. I dont use the iron sights as I have the optic mount & Romeo 5. Will come off in minutes.I’ve had this gun apart several times nd it goes back together in few minutes. I have new extended charging handle on the way.I’m thinking more like the snap on cheek guard I have on my KSG.


Would it be a worthwhile project to design a replacement buttstock with an integrated tube cover, a rubber butt pad, an good quick detach sling swivel mount (2 point rear), and a small battery compartment? What do you think, MCARBO?