Keltec PMR30 Steel Magazines

Any progress on the pmr 30 metal magazines??? Sure would be COOL!!!


Why would you want metal Magazines


Why not?

Greatly increased loading speed, easier to check if the magazine is properly loaded, hardened lips for increased durability, stainless steel for corrosion resistance, reduced magazine flex when full, reduced chance of damaging bullets when loading… You will see what I mean when you got one in your hands.

@Watasha, currently undergoing production, it takes time to deliver a quality product for such a challenging product!


These new metal magazines would be so much superior to the polymer magazines which cause most of the ammo failures/ stove piping/ jams/etc. Alv keep me posted when available.


DivaMarie, the magazines provided by KelTec have been an issue for many recipients of their PMR30. I personally have multiple mags and they all have issues with binding and feeding. The rounds drag on the inside, bind, and also don’t always clear the top of the mag on their way to the feed ramp. MCARBO has done a fantastic job solving a lot of our feeding issues but the last one remains…the magazine. A metal mag will be the final fix to the issues and make this a reliable and formidable platform IMHO. I too am waiting for their release. There is a thread somewhere for it


@GunJohathan I have Case lube on my rounds in 6 Mag’s & 4 guns & never had a Problem Unless I loaded them wrong. And now that we have a USA Ammo Supply Plant for Armscore instead of P.I. made
and all the Great M*Carbo updates.


I hear ya. some of these PMRs dont need anything done and shoot well. Others not so lucky. Sometimes its just the gun and the MCARBO kit works. sometimes its the mag and I’m not inclined to buy them and sort through. I tried the lube. I tried graphite on the mag walls as well. Nothing worked. Between my brother in law and 2 of his sons, we have 4 PMRs that all have issues in this realm. Metal mags will really fix it all. The plastic grabs and the rounds don’t like to slide up it well. They bind and the spring doesn’t push them up. I have a Kel Tec loader as well, and its pretty slick. The rounds are getting loaded properly. Another issue is aggressive hollow points tend to hit the front wall of the mag when feeding from the right. The left sits higher so it doesn’t have this issue. I use soft points because they feed better. A22 magnums are pretty awesome. As for HP’s I would suggest the Gold Dot short barrel ones. They are pretty devastating and seem to feed well. in the end, metal mags for the win.


Hey guys, here’s some behind the scenes as we have started production of the PMR30 Steel Magazines over a month ago! We are really excited about this product as we have been continuously struggling with the factory magazines throughout the years of designing the other PMR30 products. This steel magazine is one of the most complex steel magazines that has ever been made! I will continuously keep you all updated in this forum, so stay tuned.