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Keltec P17- Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

A buddy of mine needed some cash flow, so I offered to help him out and he doesn’t like handouts so he offered to sell one of his many hand cannons. There’s a few nice Sigs and Glocks which I own a few of myself already but I don’t want to take advantage of him because he’s giving me buddy prices so I think I’m setting my eyes on the Kel-Tec p17. Pre-covid-19 prices do its 200$. Am I silly for not taking advantage of acquiring his Sig Sauer X carry 9 mm for $450, or one of my favorites the Glock 19 Gen 3 with aftermarket threaded barrel for $500? I’ve been wanting one of these p17s for a while and I know I picked the wrong time to try and find one because they aren’t in stock anywhere. So, thoughts on the p17? Thanks


Ive been hunting for a P17 for quite a while, but unwilling to pay over $250, so waiting for a deal. If you pick any of the others instead, i will buy the p17 !
Its a solid gun from what i can tell, but not to be compared directly to either of the others as they are all uniquely qualified for their specialized tasks.


@Timmy2Tacticool @Stircrayzy I love the One I got’ How Could you go wrong 3 mags and a threaded barrel $170.00
No Issue’s No F.T.F.‘S with different Ammo.
So is Kel Tec Now Playing the Price Game from the Original MSRP’ Like the rest of these Sites.


Hey y’all.


I’m freshening up and tweaking my five bug bags for the family. Besides adding a more robust first aid kit and a better, more compact sleep system, I have been heavily debating what kind of pistol to put in them. Do I go with the Glocks already in them or the P17 that I would have to go on a Grail type quest to find? Not really a question as I have already decided. Even though I have a G19, three 17s and a baby G, I am replacing them all with KT P17s. My first pistol was a Colt Woodsman and I loved that thing in my childhood (my biggest gun regret was trading it when I wanted a P226 for duty carry, but couldn’t afford it otherwise). It brought home a bunch of squirrels that my Grandpa really liked for some reason. I got to shoot a friend’s P17 and was REALLY impressed. As many 22 pistols as there are out there, I found this gun to be as good as just about any I have shot regardless of the money. The trigger is amazingly good out of the box (which surprised me because as much as I love my Sub 2Ks, the triggers on those are HORRIBLE out of the box). The weight and extras the P17 has made it for me a no-brainer.

In “these times”, finding any gun is almost impossible, especially if you want five of them. BUT, I found a small dealer who had five, consecutive serial number, P17s in tan (I would have preferred black). The P17 already has a “toyish” look (but NOT feel) to it and the tan or green ones look like they should come with a bag of plastic toy soldiers. I bought all five and paid more than I wanted to, but again, “these times”. He did give me a nice break for getting all five at the same time.

Anyways. I am a big believer in compatibility with whom I travel. Five identical guns with shareable 16 round mags really fit my plan. The Glocks kind of fit, where the 19 could share with anyone, but the other two couldn’t share “up”. Plus, the guns and two loaded, extra mags were the heaviest items in my bag. I went with the P17 for the b-bags because the gun and three mags means each of us is carrying 49 rounds (195 rounds total), already loaded before worrying about extra ammo and the weight it brings. In total, that is 700 rounds between the five of us in a relatively small space! We all “get” that ammo is one of the heaviest items by volume in any bag, and though I have three girls who are athletic and good shooters, this is a definite consideration for their packs. Hence, the five P17s. Yeah, the 22LR is not the best defensive round, but I have seen some interesting stats where the psychological impact of being shot once even by a 22LR, is enough to stop most people from being meanies (these were non-police incident shootings and was more data taken related to civilian incidents related to physical assault or robbery). The CCI 40gr velociter (CJHP) pushing past 1400 FPS will at least definitely get someone’s attention and decent penetration. I figure I can unload all 17 rounds in a ten yard target in about three seconds, and with four more guns spitting that much lead, that is a pretty good deterrent. One 22 might not cause a lot of trauma and bleeding, but five or six? Couple that with two more boxes of 50 rounds and you have two complete reloads and 150 rounds for your B-Bag system in a very small space and weight friendly option. Hell, a box of 9mm practically weighs more and takes up more space than the entire gun and 150 rounds with the P17. The weight of the P17, fully loaded is less than a pound. The added space and weight allowance made adding a 22 bore snake and small gun oil no problema. Also, I’m not a big plinker. When I go practice, I shoot to keep my skills with my combat weapons sharp. These guns will stay in the bags as there won’t be a lot of temptation to get them out to play with them. That is a common gun issue with your bug bag. If your gun is one you use/carry regularly, and you have to grab and go, you are now looking for it and having to take the time to stow it. If you gotta go NOW, you gotta go and those extra seconds can make a big difference. My bug bags are not covered in molle straps or have a military look. They are low key, 40 liter backpacker bags. In a SHTF scenario, I don’t want to stand out or bring attention to me or my family unnecessarily. So that means no military look, no scabbards or exposed weapons (though the packs do have a very easy external access pouch that the guns are kept in and don’t “print” through the material).

The other consideration is that if you have to start eating past the packed food, what are you really going to harvest? Taking a deer is inconvenient and very time consuming in a SHTF scenario. Also, are you going to reliably take deer or larger animals with a handgun round? Unless you get that CNS hit, there is a good chance you’re running after a wounded animal for a while with almost any pistol round. So taking any larger game with a handgun means more stealth and hopefully a clean eyeball shot. Squirrels, rabbits, snakes, etc are a much better, and more plentiful option, fast to clean and cook (fish would be my preference if available and catchable). But hitting one of these critters with a 9mm means there isn’t much left to feast on. I exploded a squirrel once with a 9mm and it wasn’t worth looking for the pieces (and I felt badly for killing that which I would not use).

After all that and why I originally started to post this…

I am really considering doing the MCARBO trigger upgrade. I did upgrade both of my SUB 2Ks with the MCARBO complete trigger kit and it is like a new gun. If I do take these P17s apart to put in the new triggers, does anyone see a problem if I polish the teeny tiny feed ramp or other internals? This may seem like a “duh” question, but in a gun that already feeds smoothly and is built to operate with 22 LRs that are already known for reliability issues compared to center fire ammo, is there “too polished”? I’m no gunsmith and it is an honest question. Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone. Also, is it worth the effort and the mess? Polishing compound and a dremmel require extra effort to not get it all over the table and walls resulting in the wifey stowing the snarklies in a jar on the bedside table for a week!

What about my Sig P226 and matching S2K in 40 you may ask? Or how about those 9mm Glocks and their matching S2K? I have two bags that stow them and loaded mags. One has only the two 17s and an S2K and the other the Sig and its S2K. This is 5 guns total. No spare ammo, just loaded mags, it would be too heavy for the probable return. 12 standard Sig mags and 12 Glock mags (3 33 round mags and 3 24 round mags and six standard mags). These suckers are heavier than the B-bags, even though smaller. These can be worn in front kangaroo style as long as we need them with us. But, to prove a point (and I just remembered), both S2Ks are in a case that went to the range and need to be cleaned. I love shooting them and do so often. If I had to grab and go, they would most likely be left behind and just the pistols would be rolling with us. At that point, is it worth the weight? The PCCs are what make the extra bags worth it.

Well. What was intended to start as a simple question as to the worth of polishing up the internals of my P17s if I change the triggers turned into a whatever the hell the above is. Thanks for any input in advance for your ideas on my B-Bag strategy or the polishing question.


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Can’t help you with any of your specific trigger/ramp questions, but for the polishing, try using a cardboard carton as a splatter guard. Get a carton big enough to work in, cut the flaps off the top, flip it on it’s long side on a table and polish away. Should help keep most of the polish off the walls and furniture, will help avoid pissing off the wife as well.


It’s hard to justify what these are selling for now.
I see them in stock occasionally for $350 and up.
I hoped to get one someday, but not at that price.